InOnIt Guides: Must-Try Eateries Around Colleges

This guide is dedicated to the best years of your life that have been spent outside college rather than attending lectures. For the present college goers, we list down famous eateries around your colleges that are low-budget and serve some delicious dishes. For the non-college goers, this guide is a must-read if you want to try out delish street food at age-old joints that have been and will be famous for generations to come. Read on!


St. Andrews College

St. Dominic Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai 400050


Café Andora

Bang opposite St. Andrews College is this almost historic college hangout. Andoras, as they lovingly call it, is a quaint little cafeteria that is closed on Sundays. Apart from being famous amongst college going kids, it’s also a favourite of Bandraites living around. If you’re looking for a quick, filling snack at a very cheap cost, Andoras is where you should head. Here, you will get snacks such as veg and non veg sandwiches, puffs, samosas, croissants, rolls, hot dogs, burgers and even some Chinese dishes. Plum cakes, pastries, doughnuts, brownies, muffins and tarts form their desserts menu. Don’t forget to get some extra schezwan sauce they make on the side, it somehow tastes good with everything!

Contact Number: 022 26433625/ 022 65153693


Hearsch Bakery

Walk a little ahead and in the lane parallel to St. Andrews, you will find the famous Hearsch Bakery on Hill Road. Trust us, every time you pass by this place, a whiff of food will tempt you to step into this ancient building and get a nibble of simply anything here. Irresistible as it is, the bakery with its freshly made lemonade, puffs and rolls, burgers, croissants and schezwan fried rice has built a fan following all across Mumbai. Get comfortable on an elevated stoney area in the building and enjoy a plate of chicken lollipops with your buds, while you struggle to fight the crows from taking away your chicken piece. You are definitely not from Bombay if you don’t know about Haersch!

Contact Number: 022 26435361

MMK College and National College, Bandra

T.P.S. III, 32nd Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai 400050


Jay Sandwich

If I ever had to lay down a street food feast in front of someone who has never tried it in Mumbai, a sandwich from Jay’s would inevitably be a part of my menu. Sharing the same wall as National College, expect a full blown menu of pure veg sandwiches. The other branch that is just a hop-skip-jump distance from this one, also serves sandwiches along with other dishes like the cheese Chinese bhel that we absolutely love.

Contact Number: Every passer by in Bandra will know about Jay, but here are the numbers anyway – 022 26000025 / 022 26432630


Wilsons College, Marine Drive

Girgaon, Marine Drive, Mumbai


This tiny eatery near Wilson College on the Chowpatty seaface is famous for its North Indian cuisine. It’s warmth is sure to allure you in. At this all-veg restaurant, you will have the best aam ras puri of your life! So you know where your summer afternoons will be spent if you’re a mango lover. The parathas, kheer and fruit cream will always make you want to come back here.

Contact Number: 022 23691482


Ratan Tata Institute

This is a bit of a walk from Wilson, but will satiate your grumbling appetite with its extensive menu of breakfast options, desserts such as tarts, pastries, puffs and more. A bakery with chairs for a few people to sit and munch outside, the Parsi food here deserves a special mention. Besides that, we love the jams and pickles that they have on offer.

Contact Number: 022 66236969


Rizvi College, Bandra

Sherly Rajan Road, Rizvi Complex, Bandra (W), Mumbai 400050



As the name suggests, the food here will get your tummies rumbling for, hopefully more. It’s mainly just a a display of foods such as puffs, rolls, sandwiches and more. But what they excel in is their choice of Chinese dishes such as schezwan noodles, fried rice, lollipops and the likes. God knows if it’s the Ajinomoto that keeps you addicted to the food, but once tried, you will want to go back sooner than later.

Contact Number: 022 26040040, 022 26002467


HR and KC Colleges, Churchgate


210 Degrees

A regular haunt of collegians from HR and KC, this quaint café is all about freshly baked savouries and desserts and coffee aromas. Famous for its desserts, try their oreo mousse, blueberry cheesecake and cookies amongst other options. We hear from ex students that they still reminisce the nachos served here.

Contact Number: 022 42135407


Cha Bar

Located in the Oxford Bookstore, one thing you’re assured of is a quiet place to finish up for pending reads for the day. How about a Virgin Green Tea Margarita to quench your thirst on a sunny afternoon? Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Cha Bar has coffees and refreshing drinks that you can drown yourself in, or desserts and snacks that you can munch on to forget the day’s worries.

Contact Number: 02222029967, 02266364477, 02266364488


Ramnarian Ruia College, Dadar

L. Nappo Road, Matunga, Dadar (E), Mumbai 400019



This fast food center has crowds standing outside, waiting for their plate of hot idlis and dosas. But what we like about DPs is their Paav Bhaji with generous toppings of butter. And the surprise element: a tiny roasted papad comes with your plate of paav bhaji to add that crunch to your meal. They also have different types of ice creams, juices, faloodas, snacks, chaats and more to satisfy your always-hungry souls. And we hear they are doing well in the Thai food department as well.

Contact Number: 022 24145326, 022 24161028


Mithibai College, Juhu

Bhaktivedanta Swami Marg, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai 400056

This college has a line of food stalls occupying an entire wall of the road. From spicy frankies, masala-full dosas to milkshakes and sandwiches, everything is bursting with flavour here. Dheeraj’s famous wada paav will take you back to your college days. Don’t you miss those carefree days?

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