InOnIt Guides: Self-Indulgence On Women’s Day


Feeling side tracked in this male-dominated world? Don’t have time to even crib about your man to your girlfriends as he spends another weekend with his mates? So why not take matter into your own hands and check out these pop culture references to women empowerment. Listen to these songs, watch these movies, read these books and feel better about being a woman already; because like they say, it should all be about lovin’ the ladies!

Here are our choicest of picks for movies that every woman worth her salt should watch!

Erin Brockovich

Watch Julia Roberts as she plays the role of a single unemployed mother, who becomes a legal assistant to wage a war and bring down a Californian conglomerate handling the city’s power supply, accused of polluting a city’s water supply.

Sex and the City

 Sex and the City chronicles the lives of four best friends as they find love and laughter in their life, all the while being exceedingly successful at their jobs and extremely beautiful in their roles. Women power to the tee, the ladies aren’t afraid of their emotional and sexual pursuits as they rummage through life with the energy of 20 year olds.

The Holiday

 This story about a country bumpkin gone sad and a career woman gone mad, tells a tale of how the two women exchange their lives and unknowingly lead their life into the beautiful stories they were bound to create. A story about self-discovery, it teaches how every woman should get lost once in a while, only to find herself eventually!

Million Dollar Baby

 Starring the fiercely sensual Hillary Swank, this Oscar winning movie charters a woman’s determination to work with a hardened and cynical boxing trainer to become a professional. Teaching you a thing or two about patience, strength and dedication, this movie is a must-watch for the life-altering performances that the director has managed to extract.

Bend It Like Beckham

 Set in UK, this is a sometimes-amusing sometimes-saddening tale of two best friends who are bound by their passion for football. The catch arises when one of them has to give up the sport owing to familial pressure. The story also takes a twist when the girls are driven apart when they fall in love with the same man.

When it comes to music, it is always awe-inspiring when you stumble across songs that speak of sitting upright, taking notice of things around you and going after something that you have always wanted. And isn’t it a more special feeling if the lyrics point specifically towards our fairer gender? We have jotted down some of our favourite ones!

Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

Miss Bedingfield explains to us via this song how she and a lot of women out there are foggy when it comes to them and their future and how this is actually a good thing. This only results in making her more determined, to make her own decisions and chart her own destiny. This song will definitely make you want to live for the moment!

I will survive – Gloria Gaynor

This song talks about the narrator’s strength that she found after a break-up that was initially very devastating and destructive. This strength she exhibits when the man in question comes to claim her back, pretending as if nothing had changed. A song many girls would identify with!

Moonchild - King Crimson

A song very close to my heart, this one gives you the freedom to do things that you might have always wanted to do but were always inhibited to do so. This is a song that talks of a child, a woman, who is lost in the eccentricity of her dreams but is at peace because she always followed her heart.

Closing theme – Powerpuff girls

A song that brings back happy memories of childhood, where the biggest monsters were Mojo Jojo, Him and the Amoeba Brothers. It talks of how you can be different types of women, or in this instance girls and still be a person who will not take injustices lying down and will always fight for what she believes in.

You Gotta Be – Des’ree

A beautiful song by Des’ree, this song feels like the words here have been woven together. It talks of the strength, patience and wisdom that a woman should keep with her all throughout the day, as she battles a host of bad ailments.


Literature can have a lasting impact on the human psyche. And literature that has a powerful voice, that proves to you the theories it puts forth, makes you believe in the strength of the human capacity and challenges the boundaries you believed in simply an otherworldly experience. Here, we list down five books that managed to alter our perspective to a lot of things in life, a lot of things we had taken granted for.


A fictionalized version of the story of Shirley Ardell Mason or Sybill Isabel Dorsett, the book elaborates on the sessions she had with her psychiatrist as she battled dissociative identity disorder, sixteen personalities to be precise and blackouts and emotional breakdowns. The cause of her psychological crisis is revealed towards the end and it will rain mayhem on the reader’s psyche as you struggle to understand the rough life that people live. An account of the bravery of a woman as she struggles to find triumph at the end of a long hard life, previously hidden things about yourself will come to the fore and will make you want to be a better person.

Pride and Prejudice

A tale of a lady with five sisters, it will take you on a journey of a phase of her life, as she struggles to find her voice in Victorian era England. Her stance on marriages, relationships and woman intelligence makes her endearing to the reader. That she does not lose her stance amidst societal pressure coming even from her mother and an influential man is admirable. Jane Austen, with her clarity of speech and thought and the crispiness of her language impresses vastly.

The Diary Of Anne Frank

A true account, taken from the diaries that a young girl, Anne Frank maintained while she was in hiding with her family in a derelict apartment, while the Nazis waged war with Netherlands, soldiers camped nearby and bombs went off in the neighbourhood will bring gooseflesh on your arms. This does not alter the fact the she was in her pubescent years then. The autobiography originally written in Dutch, also speaks about the relationships she shared with her various family members and also a boy whose family she was in hiding with.

Amelia Earhart: A Biography

Amelia Mary Earhart, the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, founder of The Ninety-Nines (an organization for women pilots) and author of many best-selling books about her flying experiences, is an icon and an idol for today’s woman. She disappeared over the Central Pacific Ocean near Howland Island on 2nd July 1937, even as she was attempting a circum-navigational flight. The book, instead of talking about the mysterious circumstances of her disappearance, over which exhaustive literature and cultural content has already been produced, discloses the kind of woman she really was, a crusader of women’s equal rights, a follower of dreams and someone who achieved success based on sheer dedication, intelligence and hard work.

Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots

Called as ‘harrowing yet triumphant’, this autobiographical book journeys us through the author, Deborah Feldman’s life as she was brought up in an otherworldly society, because she was a member of the strictly religious Satmar sect of the Hasidic Judaism. She grew up in an environment, where she was instructed from what to wear, what she could read to whom she could speak to. There were also laws governing the littlest of things such as how they were supposed to spend their day to bigger things such as homosexuality and stronger rights for men than women. The book talks about these laws and how the author plucked the courage and wisdom to leave an entire community that was founded post World War 2 based on the trauma they had suffered.

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