InOnIt Guides: Unconventional Date Ideas

It’s time to get creative and unconventional for date ideas to celebrate that upcoming anniversary or to spice up a free weekend. Don’t get us wrong, we are all up for those romantic candle lit dinners and long walks on the beach. But too much of mush and romance can be a bad thing. Here are some of our tried and tested date ideas, some of them even light on your pocket to spend some quality time with your partner.

Take a Hike:

Waking up early and roughing it up might not be the ideal setting for a romantic date. But think fresh air, serene hikes and dipping your toes in a nearby stream in the midst of nature. Get adventurous and take a bike ride along some scenic hills and stop at a secluded spot for some homemade picnic treats. Sounds ideal doesn’t it? Cycles can be rented at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park entrance. Even if you are not up for a trek you can always take a break from everything and go for a romantic walk with the one you love.

InOnIt recommends: Trekking to Jambhulmal, Sanjay Gandhi National Park which is the highest point in the city and be blown away by the majestic view this place offers you. Jumpstart and Offbeat conduct regular treks in and around Mumbai.



Offbeat, 9664217901


Try Adventure sports:

Nothing brings a couple closer than a near death experience. If you are a couple who love experiencing the adrenaline, an extreme sport is the best way to spend your date. For the less adventurous, spice things up a bit and indulge in an extreme sport this weekend. This is one of the things that should feature on every couples bucket list.

InOnIt recommends: Plan a quick getaway with Della Adventures in Lonavala and Nirvana Adventures in Kamshet.


Della Adventures, Off Mumbai Pune Express Highway, Kunegaon, Lonavla-410401, 09664488000

Nirvana Adventures, 2114286287

Laugh Out Loud:

The secret of a good relationship is a healthy dose of laughter. If you need to take the pressure off on a first date, a comedy club is where you should head. You cannot go wrong with some laughter and alcohol. Not only will the date always end on a happy note, but your date will be impressed with your effort in trying to make him/ her laugh and get major brownie points for your sense of humour.

InOnIt recommends : The Comedy Store and the Canvas Laugh Factory


The Comedy Store, 02239895050

Canvas Laugh Factory, 02243485000

Art Attack:

Visit an art gallery. You don’t have to be an art expert to be able to comment on how you feel about a piece of art. A romantic or even erotic painting can lead to a very good conversation. Art is a great way to talk about a lot of different things and you will never be out of conversation starters. If the date seems to be going well, why not head to a nearby cafe and grab a bite, while you’ll go over the nuances of the art show. If modern art is too avant-garde for you, try catching a good play followed by a quick snack or dinner and have a conversation about the play. Intellectual simulation is always sexy.

InOnIt recommends: An art show at Jehangir Art Gallery followed by a cup of coffee at the Samovar cafe or indulge in the popular Irish coffee at the Prithvi Cafe post a good play at the Prithvi Theatre.


Jehangir Art Gallery: 02222843989

Prithvi Theatre: 2226149546

Sing Out Loud:

If you happen to be a fun, don’t care what anyone thinks about you couple, a karaoke date night is what you need. It may not be high on the list of romantic things to do together, but it most certainly rates well in the category of fun and entertainment. If a karaoke night seems intimidating for a first date, you can still enjoy yourself with some music and drinks by visiting places which provide live music. Smooth jazz and chilled wine will serenade your date and might lead to some good times ahead.

InOnIt recommends: Woodside Inn and The Little Door for karaoke, The Blue Frogfor live Music.


Woodside Inn, 02222875752

The Little Door, 9920983833

The Blue Frog,02261586158


Wine is the drink of love and what can be more romantic than a getaway to a vineyard. Pack your bags and head to the nearest vineyard and see the making of fine wine. Sip it together from the balcony of your room. This one is perfect for couples who enjoy their wine together.

InOnIt recommends: A weekend getaway at the Sula Vineyards in Nashik.


Sula Vineyard, 02532231663

All Play and No Work:

For working couples whose lives are dominated by work, it’s time to let down your hair and play. Want a date where the two of you can release some serious aggression? Try Paint ball or Go- Karting with your partner. Expect to get sweaty, dirty and hopefully have lots of fun. A little healthy competition never hurt anybody.

InOnIt recommends: Try Paintball, Zip Line and Go- Karting at Headrush Urban Extreme.


Headrush Urban Extreme, Hakone, Near Powai Plaza, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai 400076 ‎98 19 656916

Progressive Date:

The newest ‘in’ concept in the dating arena, a progressive date is where you eat each course at a different restaurant. Turn a typical dinner date into an adventure. This one requires a fair amount of planning as to the different restaurants you need to hit and their proximity from one another. We suggest choosing restaurants that are a maximum walking distance of 10 minutes from one another to save some pain and agony on parking woes.

InOnIt recommends: Start with beers at the Irish house and head to Indigo Deli for pizza followed by Le 15 patisserie for some scrumptious dessert. You can even indulge in some cocktails between dinner and desserts atMai Tai Lounge.


The Irish House, 02243471111

Indigo Deli ,  022 25181010

Le 15 Patisserie, 9820487727

Dessert Crawl:

For all you dessert lovers who get their kick from sugar and chocolate, you must go on the sweeter version of the progressive date. Again, plan the places you want to hit for your sugar fix that are walking distance from one another. Walking will make you less guilty for the sugary indulgences as well.

InOnIt recommends: Carter Road at Bandra. A dessert lovers heaven, hit places like Love Sugar & Dough, Yogurtbay Etc.

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