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He may not be your knight in shining armour but he will make sure your mid(k)night cravings are sorted; my peon is all geared up to see that your to-do list goes into the shredder; The BrkFst will get you a king-size nashta and Disha Mehta is on a creative roll to churn out personalised gifts. If you’ve got problems, this guide will give you the solutions. Be it running errands or a last minute fix for drinks at your party, we give you a list of interesting services found in Mumbai to make your life easier.

Fly By Knight

You suddenly feel the absence of munchies at your home at 2:00 am. In your quest to battle your erratic hunger pangs, Fly By Knight will come swooping to your place to fill the void between your stomach and the empty cabinet staring at you. A midnight delivery service that operates from Wednesday to Sunday between 11:00 pm and 3:00 am, Fly By Knight will deliver packets of Lays, muffins, chocolate bars, biscuits, Maggi, aerated drinks, orange juice, cigarettes, packets of Eno and sanitary napkins and condoms as well. Call 9930067337 to place your order. You never know, this one might turn into your knight in shining armour; maybe after he gets some pants and loses that moustache.

Concierge India

Do you think Cinderella would prefer these invisible shoes over her pretty sandals? While you still debate over it, how about you watch the Breach Candy monkey swimming in a pool? Think we have gone bonkers? Not yet. Concierge India – your one stop for everything that seems vague and sounds bizarre and retarded. These guys will help you track down something that you saw in a magazine or on an e-mail, be it a vintage wine bottle, a Hovdig helmet that won’t ruin your hairdo, Manu Singhvi sex tape or a resin skull set if you are a gothic fan. Drop them an e-mail with your wackiest desire at


Make way for the bar that wheels to your place. It pops out of the suitcase and turns any location into a friendly bar. One of the biggest attraction for the folks in Mumbai, Barmobile will set up a fully fledged bar in 15 mins. Choose from themes like Shaken and Stirred, Caribbean Cruise, Bomberman and Standard or opt for a customised package to get a taste of different concoctions. Get a mixologist, a bar setup, stirrers, coasters, five kilos of ice cubes, glassware, paper napkins and standard bar tools with every package. Call 9821302348 the next time you plan a party and the Barmobile will be on its way.

The BrkFst

Break your fast with a new delivery service that will make sure that you have your daily nashta on the table every morning. Launched on 28th August, 2012, The BrkFst will provide you scrambled eggs, parathas, sausage rolls and mashed potatoes that will be accompanied with cookies, biscuits, muffins and cake slices. On menu are more offerings like chicken mayo sandwiches, bhurji, poha, chicken burger, hot and sour sweetcorn and more. And while you are busy dialling 9819217211 to confirm your subscription, pre-order for specials like mutton kheema and chicken tikka biryani that is served exclusively on Saturdays.

My Peon

While you are too busy tweeting about how you don’t have the time to finish your daily chores and cribbing about how science has not advanced to an extent where you can be at two places at the same time, My Peon will stand in a queue to pay your bills, visit the market to pick up groceries, drop off your laundry, get your shoes fixed and even book your movie tickets.  My Peon is not your clone, at least not technically. But they do act like one. The helpers at My Peon can be hired on per chore basis and will complete all your sundry tasks between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm across the city. Hire one by calling 9833183385. They will charge Rs. 100 if the task is to be completed the next day and Rs. 200 of it has to be complete the same day along with the travelling expenses.

Hammer and Mop

Don’t spend your Sundays cleaning the mess that was ignored the past week; get Hammer and Mop to clean it for you. They’ll march into your house armed with their equipments to sort your dingy and ignored closet, change your upholstery and to wipe the dust off your bookshelf. Whether it’s to vacuum your house, after party clean ups or even providing assistance while moving in a new house, the guys at Hammer and Mop will leave your place dirt-free. Bless them!

The charges depend on the area and the amount of work to be done. Call 9223544599 for more information or check their website.

Disha Mehta – Customising Creativity

Bespoke wedding invitation cards, yearly planners, gift for your Valentine, coffee table books and more; Disha Mehta will help you create fond memories with her dash of creativity. Chuck those run-of-the mill gift designs and custom make gifts for your loved ones.  Check her Facebook page to get a glimpse of her creativity or call her on 9819203251.

Mirakle Couriers

A courier company with a difference – one that employs only deaf adults to carry out the business including the delivery personnel. Unspoken miracles take place at Mirakle Couriers, a social business founded with an aim to empower the deaf community by giving them meaningful employment. They offer on-time and customizable courier solutions and are equipped to deliver locally, domestically and internationally. Check their delivery zones here. Call 9820754768 for any queries.

- Esha Chanda

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