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Party themes. This can only go two ways. Either it turns your party into an affair to remember, as the party people enjoy their fifteen seconds of fame. Or it turns your party into a fancy dress competition, where your regular friends and folks turn into an embarrassment that is costume-esque to say the best and clownish to say the worst. In the second scenario, even your Instagramed photos won’t make your folks look pretty.

Also, clubbing has been done to death where ladies don similar looking clothes, men pretend to look bored, overpriced alcohol just doesn’t cut it and the whole shebang gets over as soon as it had started. House partying is one of our personal favourite options as people are much more relaxed because of the absence of policing (real, moral and even fashion), there’s free-flowing alcohol and no rules to stick by.

With these party themes we help you get it right when you decide to get jiggy the next time.

Arabian Nights Theme

For all those who love the exotic feel of being in a land where fantasies come alive and magic turns real, this theme is for you. Encourage the ladies to shake that and them men to make some infamously mysterious cocktails, to have your own harem lounge.

Things you need: Bling, Shimmer, Lose Kaftans, Harem Pants, Short tops, Hookahs, Arabian Music, Curtains and Dim Lights.

Sherlock Holmes Theme

I am sure there were other girls like me who fell in love with him in the 7th standard. I am always surprised at how he redefined the way we looked at thriller mysteries, and by hardly including the element of murder and never sex. And for that reason alone (and also because it sounds like too much fun), we should honour him by having a Sherlock Holmes themed party.

Things you need: Formal wear, Coats, Pipes, Hats, Fedoras, Feathers, Diamantes, Ties, Bow Ties, Sleek Hairdos, Stubbled Cheeks and deeper colours such as Black, Grey, Burgundy and Purple.

John Lennon Theme

Can you ever have enough of John Lennon? The only answer to that would be a resounding No! To the man who added a new dimension to the fight against establishments, the man who never shied of dreaming, who saw a different kind of world before any of us did; a man who was a visionary, a revolutionary, and of course, one of the greatest musicians ever. So, let us have a John Lennon themed party and see for ourselves how it would have been like if he were still alive, even if only for a few hours.

Things you need: Big Lapels, Stand Up Collars, Tea Shades, High Waists, Polka Dots, Sling Bags, Ruffled Shirts, Elbow Patches, Stripes, Hats and Long Coats

Hippie Theme

Forget the government, even your parents might not take you too seriously in your quest for peace, your fight against non-violence, your love for spirituality, organic food, yoga and various levels of consciousness, and above all counter-cultural thinking that seems more advanced than you think, but then you could go and have a party about it. Oh yes!

Things you need: High Waists, Lose Clothing, Torn Jeans, Kaftan and Tent Dresses, Mini Skirts, Flip Flops, Head Bands, Feathers, Florals, Chain Belts, Fringes and Peace Signs.

Kid Party Theme (for adults)

Don’t the 10 years of childhood hold some of your best memories ever? Now here’s a chance to recreate the same magic, and that too with your current friends from adulthood. Let go of your inhibitions for this one night and let the inner child in you have the last laugh.

Things you need: Small frocks and Check and Plaid Half-sleeved Shirts, along with Flowers, Polka Dots, Confetti, Ribbons, Helium Balloons, Party Caps and Eye Masks. The decor could have Skate Boards, Basket balls, Cake and Happy Birthday Signs.

Bling Night

Because we don’t let anyone dull our sparkle, we deserve a bling night! And if you get as attracted to bling as fish is to water, pile on the shine and shimmer I say, and watch your party unravel! You won’t even need flash for your pictures to come out well.

Things you need: Pair multiple items (Hair band, Belt, Shoes, Tie, Clutch, Watch) with bling with one base colour black, to let them contrast beautifully.

Italian Mafia

So you’ve endlessly dreamed and drooled over the considerably older Don Corleone in The Godfather? Well, here’s your chance to meet some real-life ones. Men, with inevitable comparisons coming your way, you better start early on to be your best Italian mafia self when it comes to this party.

Things you need: Slicked Back Hair, Sunglasses, Formal Fitted Dresses, Yellow Jackets, Long Ties, Long Coats, Red Lips, Animal prints, Pipes, Fedoras, Fake Guns, Stilettos and Fake Moustaches.

Color Blocking Theme

So what if you scoffed at Govinda for his inimitable style during his ‘Aunty No. 1 (and Coolie No. 1 and Hero No. 1) days? Since colour blocking is all the rage right now go right on ahead, wear some yellow pants with a pink shirt and you will definitely be welcomed into this party.

Things you need: Wear multiple colors (bright, vibrant, neon colors in one outfit) for your apparels. The ladies can even incorporate this in their make-up.

Animal Theme

As much as it sounds like you need to have animal printed shoes, bags or clothes to make it large here, that is really not the case. This theme is all about wearing clothes and sporting accessories that have an animal or a cartoon character printed on them. Let’s get the animals together then and form a little zoo of our own!

Things you need: Should have a cartoon character or an animal on a tee, dress, shoes, tie, bag or any accessory (For eg: Micky Mouse Watch)

Blues Theme

Plagued by the blues, are you? Well, let’s then invite them to a party and show them the kind of fun you are having! We choose this colour as it flatters all, wear multiple shades of blue all over you, and you are ready to rock n’ roll.

Things you need: Blue, blue everywhere, all over you and all around you.

Audrey Hepburn Theme

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is really not what we had in mind. But you can still look like a million bucks (read: like Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard) and party at your friend’s spare apartment. Sip cocktails in tea-cups and wear the string of faux-pearls for a better effect of the yesteryear.

Things you need: Formals in Black and Silver/White for men and women, String of Pearls, Hair Updos, Small fringes, Cat’s eye Glasses, Net, Lace, Drop Earrings, Stilletos, Stockings and a Small Umbrella.

Black and White Theme

We know, we know that there are better and more fascinating themes in this list, but then they also need some planning and patience to be a grand success. And if this is that last-minute thing that we’ve all been privy to, there’s got to be an option that we can turn to in our moment of distress, right? Also, monochrome being so trendy these days, you will surely end up looking like a fashion conscious bunch!

Things you need: Clothes and accessories, in monochrome. You could also add straws, paper glasses and other party requirements to this list.

Designer Theme

If fashion is one of your group’s forte, then this theme would let you have some of the best times that you would have with them. Choose 4 designers/brands and dress up in a manner that suggests their time-old legacy.

Things you need: We went ahead and chose 4 designers/brands for you – Checks and Plaid for Burberry, White colour for Dior, Animal Prints for Dolce and Gabbana, and black colour for Chanel.

Stripes, Checks and Dots Theme

For those who love these prints and textures making a mark, you will welcome the mish-mash of designs that this party would be. Perfectly unisexual and relatively simple to execute, this idea is an innovative way to boost up the fun meter on a get-together.

Things you need: Clothes and accessories in one or more of the prints – stripes, checks and polka dots

Aviation Theme

Oftentimes, there is nothing that gets the temperature rising than the thought of men and women in uniform. Disciplined, authoritative, opinionated and powerful are the thoughts that these people are synonymous with. What better than to recreate a good-looking breed of people in uniform than the the aviation folks?

Things you need: Plain Colored Shirts and Trousers, Short Fitted Dresses, Stockings, Stilettos, Ties and Polished Formal Shoes.

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