InOnIt lens: Bhutta in the Monsoons

At Corn Corner

One rainy Sunday evening, we decided to check out a place in Goregaon ahead of Ozone Club that offers some really interesting ‘Bhutta’.

We got there and waited for at least for 10 minutes before managing to get our order placed. There are two reasons for that: first, there was too much rush and second, we couldn’t figure what to order because there were so many flavours!

The man offers white bhutta, normal bhutta, baby corn all served either with sada salt pepper or red chili and lemon, mustard, chocolate, strawberry, mayonnaise, barbeque sauce, schezwan sauce, cheese schezwan, Rajesh special ‘thousandwalla bhutta’ and many more such delicious combinations.

We decided to go with the cheese schezwan, and while we waited for our order to come we chatted up with Mr. Rajesh and his brother Rajeev. They have had this stall here for over 19 years and have stuck to what they do because it sells.

People come in cars and stand in line for this rare sort of bhutta. Undoubtedly, this monsoon cliché is no façade; it probably is the only one that does complete justice to its much known monsoon hype. After spending a good 20 minutes waiting and clicking pictures of the place, Rajesh looked at me and with a straight face and asked me, “ Kya dukaan kholne ka irrada hai?” (Are you planning on opening your own stall?)

For a minute I had no idea what he meant. Then his slight smile was enough and everyone started to laugh.

We are all possessive about our creations, be it a piece of art or design, writing, work or recipe. He knew I was curious and wanted to know more and unlike many I have met, his work is his life story. This was his creation, his idea which he definitely didn’t want to compromise for a few photographs and publicity.

Monsoon Shields

On my quest to observe, meet and listen to people and their stories this monsoon, I noticed how the rains bring out a whole new burst of colours to the streets.

From bright crocs to prints of cartoons, pretty florals and extremely bright colourful umbrellas, these colour blasts are seen everywhere. They truly bring in a lot of colour in the rather dull and gloomy ambience the monsoon creates. Of colours and raindrops and happy faces!

- Margaret Jeyaraj

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