InOnIt Lens: Decoding The Monsoons – Vol I

For many, the monsoon is initially a relief from the exhausting summer. A time when the showers from the heavens wash away the hated heat of the summer. When the earth looks like it has been swept and polished and made to shine. When somehow all our worries dissolve and it feels as if everything is right with the world. But that’s probably because we have to stop fretting about things as basic as sunblocks and sunglasses.

Personally though, it reminds me of beginnings. Since I attended boarding school and stayed in a hostel from the fourth grade till my graduation, my monsoons were always spent going back to school. It was always the time when a new year started, which spelled new books, new teachers and exciting new beginnings with old friends.

Nothing can compare to the sheer joy that the monsoons bring with them. The helplessness of the authorities as classes and lectures get cancelled because of reasons beyond man’s control ignites the start of a sadistic kind of joy. The weather is cooler, and everything is of course more beautiful. Everyday feels like a new picnic and there are new plans being made everyday. The spirit of the community shoots up too. You share umbrellas with strangers, take umbrage in shops and ask strangers for their mobile phones to make that one call to that special someone as your phone has just conked off. Not to forget, everyone is constantly hungry. Chai and Bhajjias become infinitely more tasty (I wonder how they taste the rest of the year). Romantic movies and songs come out of the shelf, from the radio and on the big screens.

All in all, there’s happiness and cheer and a sense of understanding among the community, as we battle the monsoon on our weekdays and embrace it on our weekends.

They say curiosity killed the cat. For me, on the other hand, it has always led to wonderful stories being revealed and mysterious experiences being uncovered. So, I thought to myself, why not test every monsoon cliche in the book and find out how much of it is actually true!

Thus begins my journey with InOnIt as I start a series (one of many), which I call Decoding The Monsoons. Stay tuned for more as I go about Mumbai, meeting Mumbaikars, starting conversations and generally listening to their monsoon-y stories

-Margaret Jeyaraj

Ed’s Note: Here’s welcoming Margaret, her lively pictures and wonderful write-ups, into the InOnIt family!

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