International Music Meets Underground Artistes on the NH7 Stages

A lot can be said about ill exposure to underground music in India, but it’s also important to remember that things are changing and that change takes time.

Only a year ago India saw one of its biggest music festivals ever, Bacardi NH7 Weekender. NH7 Weekender was a place where three days, three stages, over 50 artistes and innumerable number of fans came together to celebrate music, and gave India one of the biggest music festivals to hit the country.

This year, NH7 Weekender is back, and the line-up shows promise of it being bigger and better than last year. With nearly 70 artistes set to perform this year, NH7 Weekender will not only celebrate underground and unheard of musicians, but will also give fans a chance to listen first-hand to top-selling international artistes. With international acts like Imogen Heap and Basement Jaxx making an appearance, fans of commercially successful music will have reason to celebrate. While the fans with hearts closer to home will be happy to watch acclaimed Indian artistes like Indian Ocean, Pentagram, Shaa’ir+Func, The Raghu Dixit Project, Dhruv, and more. Those who like underground music and like to support upcoming artistes will also have a chance to cheer for Ox7gen, Bay Beat Collective, Gumnaam, Siddharth Basrur and others.

NH7 Weekender will be the place to be for the weekend of 18th to 20th November. The huge grounds of Laxmi Lawns near Magarpatta City, Pune, will play host to the three big stages; Eristoff Wolves Den which will host Dance and Electronica music, The Dewarists Stage which will have World, Folk and Eclectic music, and The Bacardi Black Rock Arena which will see performances of Rock and Metal groups. The lawns will also have the Pepsi Dub Station and The Other Stage (both stages will feature upcoming artistes of less fame), The Flea Market, which will sell eco-friendly clothing and merchandise during the festival, and The Bazaar which will sell food and beverages along with small collectibles and merchandise.

If you always wanted a chance to witness the true fanaticism of India music fan, this is the place to witness it, and be a part of it. NH7 Weekender is the culmination of a year long of work and effort by musicians and a place to enjoy for fans.

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