Interview: The Glitterati Co. team talks about “The Fashion Story”

Holiday season is here and bringing you all the fun in the form of exhibitions titled The Fashion Story are Nisha Gangaramani and Shalini Uppoor, the founders of Glitterati Co.

“The Style Hippie”, an exhibition which is the first chapter of The Fashion Story is scheduled for next Saturday December 7th at Apicius Kitchen and Bar in Andheri West.

We decided to have a chat with the founders and give you a taste of who they are and what you can expect.

Nisha and Shalini, Co-founders

Nisha and Shalini, Co-founders

How did Glitterati Co. come into being?
Nisha: It all started with a facebook update. A frown-y status, led to a cup of coffee between batchmates. After having worked for 8 years in Corporate, we were contemplating what next. Little did we know then that we laid a foundation of our own venture in our minds.
Shalini: Something was missing. There was a lack of creative satisfaction, and we wanted to do so much more  interesting work. We needed that “high”.
Nisha: In pursuit of our passion for style, fashion and shopping, we created Glitterati Co which aims to provide unique experiences through creative concepts.

Tell us a bit about your team.
Nisha: For now it’s the two of us, from ideation, conceptualization to execution, we are the HR, Marketing and PR, Business, Sales, Finance, Operations, Accounts!
Shalini:It’s a dream team and we’re loving every bit of it.

Why The Fashion Story? Tell us a bit about the format.
Nisha: The Fashion Story was conceptualized with the creative theme “Style Hippie”. Before zeroing in on this theme we researched the exhibition space to understand its functioning. We realized that most exhibitions do not have a clearly defined value proposition. While one stall is exhibiting quirky wares, the stall next to it may have couture, followed by a stall that sells food items. This is unfair to the creative exhibitors, and also as a walk-in I feel cheated as my expectation of a curated collection is not met.
Shalini: We realized that there is a lot of room for creativity in this space and there exists an opportunity to make it interesting for both designers and shoppers. That’s why The Fashion Story, an attempt at creating value for both creative talent (exhibitors) and consumers.

A dress by IndrickaYour first edition is titled “The Style Hippie”. What should we expect when we visit?
Nisha: The theme is purely inspired by today’s new age young women – free spirited, independent and cool. Hence our chapter 1 is the “Style Hippie”.
We have tried to translate this into a fashion and shopping experience. So when you enter, the setting is laid back. You can browse through more than 30 brands participating with their exclusive creations of apparel, bags, accessories, shoes, home décor, which are hard to find in any other retail space. We have also tied up with Aanam C of What When, our official online partner, for styling tips.
Shalini: Additionally author Parimita Chakarborty, who wrote the book “Look Stunning @ At Any Size“, will be sharing her experiences. The bar will also be open so that when the ladies shop, the guys can chill.
If you get tired of shopping, get a foot massage by The Four Fountains spa. This will be a complete fun-filled event to shop and unwind, and will be hosted by our anchor Clince Varghese.

How did you go about selecting exhibitors?
Nisha: “Style Hippie” is about celebrating the free-spirited mindset of our designers and their work. So we reviewed the designer’s complete work and handpicked people who are creative and unique, and fit the theme.

Who is your exhibition targeted at?
Shalini: Each and every woman who believes in fashion and style, and is a die hard shopaholic.

Apicus 3How did you narrow down the venue?
Nisha: Apicius Kitchen and Bar has an amazing ambience, away from the hustle bustle of shopping markets. Located on the 8th floor and spread over 4000 sq ft, it’s a perfect place to unwind and shop.
Shalini: You just don’t want to leave once you enter this place.

What is the average price range of the products?
Shalini: The average price range is from Rs. 200 to Rs. 3000. The pricing is very affordable.

What will delight us at the different stalls? Please pick your personal top 5 products from any of the exhibitors.
Nisha: Organic Clothing Wear Indricka, Dresses from Lola’s Closet, Palazos Pants from Spring Break Clothing, Leggings and skirts from Snob Shop, and Cushion covers and Stationery from Cutting Chai.
Shalini: Home accessories from The Stuff, Accessories from Fiesty Fox, Organic cotton dresses from Indricka, Clutches from Nova Voce, and Accessories from Treasure Chest.

Which is your favorite city for fashion?
Nisha and Shalini: Mumbai. We love shopping here, from street shopping to multi-designer stores, to single brands.

Any Bollywood or Hollywood movies where you think the styling was outstanding?
Nisha and Shalini: Aisha and The Devil wears Prada

What’s your favorite trend of the season?
Nisha: Colored pants
Shalini: Dresses with funky / interesting prints

Parting words?
Stay stylish, be shopoholic!

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