Into The Wild And Back

Not all those who wander are lost. We swear by these words and completely believe in the fact that one needs to get lost every once in a while to find themselves again. You might be extremely busy, but taking this time out to discover yourself will only help to unclutter that perpetually active mind of yours. Start your journey by making a three-day trip to the land of the Maharajas with India Offbeat
This trip will be full of adventure, wildlife and first-time experiences, all in three days. You will be staying in a quaint village called Javia in the outskirts of Jodhpur, amidst nature and animals. Sightings of the sloth bear, exotic birds, peacocks, leopards, porcupines, wild boars and other such species is common here. After a long day of trekking along picturesque valleys, enjoy a great Rajasthani feast at a comfortable home stay. For the lovers of the outdoors, camping in the hills will be a part of your itinerary. Those who have left behind their urban worries, can enjoy the simplistic rural lifestyle ways – because here time is not in a hurry. Try your hand at milking cows and other dairy related activities, visit age-old temples and other attractions, or simply drown in the beauty and sound of nature that is so evidently lost in our city. 
Are you ready to get lost and found?
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Picture Courtesy: Corbis Images
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