Italian Luxury For Your Homes

Up the style ante of your home by several notches and make it resemble a picturesque image, straight out of an international interior magazine. Infuse some Italian fashion in your home and have your friends drool over how it looks like an Italian villa. All this and more luxury coming your way, what with the opening of the ICasa Store at Raghuvanshi Mills at Lower Parel.
Launched on 28th February by Abha Gupta, the ICasa store is designed on the international Natuzzi format. Home to some of the most glamorous designs in sofa sets, the store houses big brands such as Leather Editions and Italsofa. The sofas, while being rich regality incarnate, are also very comfortably cosy and contemporary to the eye. Spread over an area of 8000 sq ft, ICasa promises to turn shopping for your drawing room demands into an exciting experience. Adding to the glory is the Zen Cafe, which overlooks the store. The menu consists of an organic Milanese cuisine and allows patrons to have dialogues and conversations over food and beverages in a serene environment.
For more on the brands, Italsofa is the one with sleeker and more contemporary designs at light-on-the-pocket prices. On the other hand, Leather Editions is a brand that features designs that are more classic and ever-green, with prices aimed at a slightly more aspirational and ambitious audience.
For more information on ICasa Store, you can contact them at 022 24984824.
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