‘IZI ATELIER’ Brings You ‘Modern Myths’ at Lakme Fashion Week 2011

The workshop of Isabelle Mittal, IZI ATELIER, has debuted at LFW 2011, with a high-end collection to delight your fashion senses and also your conscientious eco-friendly and comfort zones.  The collection has been an exploration of the similarities between Indian and Ancient Greek methods of drapery and ways of dressing, which have been transformed into modern silhouettes.  Silk satin wrap skirts, cowls and flowing dresses are truly feminine and elegant elements of this collection.  Juxtaposed with structured cuts inspired by armor, details like silk piping and fluting on fitted bodices accentuate angles, adding versatility to the ensembles.

Deep blues are combined with the soft beiges of linen, cotton, bamboo, and the natural golden luster of undyed silk. Shocking pink and lime green colors, drawn from the vibrancy of Indian culture, highlight these subtle tones throughout the collection, forming a youthful elegance.

The traditional Indian dyeing method, leheriya, has been used to transform luxurious silk and bamboo fabrics into blouses, skirts and dresses of bright colors.  Contemporary hand embroidery methods add a modern quality to leheriya dyed fabrics and a rich elegance to eveningwear.

Now to appeal to your eco-friendly, tree hugging side,  the collection is made up of non-violent silks and natural fabrics, including organic cotton, linen and bamboo.

About the designer: Born in New York, Isabelle grew up exposed to a world of art, igniting her interest in the aesthetic.  She later moved to Greece where she discovered fashion through the drapery techniques of her ancestors. Isabelle went on to study Art History at University College London and later to study Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.  Now located in Mumbai, Isabelle founded eco-chic fashion house IZI ATELIER in 2011, based on a desire to create luxurious environmentally conscious and animal friendly clothing.

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Buyer’s Contact: Aaliya Chikte, +91-9773527154, sales@iziatelier.com

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