Jantar Mantar: Food Delivered To Your Car

Those times when you’re just driving around, hunger pangs refusing to leave you and you just can’t figure out a place to eat at. Imagine at that very moment, a polite man walks in and hot, fresh food is delivered to your car.
Jantar Mantar, a new take away joint in Mumbai specializing in Indian cuisine has lots for you to rave about. Starting with the fact that they have special cruise bowls to deliver to your car. And that they claim to be 100% authentic when it comes to cooking, with ingredients flown in from Lucknow, Karachi and Cochin. And that 3rd generation bawarchis from North India prepare your delicious food.
If you’re around Juhu, Jantar Mantar’s ‘Walk and Eat’ section will have a display of Naan Turnovers (stuffed cheese naan breads with your choice of fillings),
Paneer Makhanwala, Chicken Makhanwala, Roomali Roll (roomali roti and egg rolled in choice of filling), Paneer  Zaikadar Wrap, Tawa Mushroom Wrap, Tawa Chicken Bagdadi Wrap, Shawarma and more. All of it priced under Rs. 200.
One of the few food services that is open till late, Jantar Mantal delivers food till 3 am every day. The only glitch is that for now their delivery extends to any place between Andheri and Juhu. You can satiate your cravings at any time of the day with their pre-mixed car snacks such as the Poutine(Fresh Fries with cheesy messy), Cous Cous Tikka Salad, Sabudana with spicy salsa, Tandoori Chicken Ceaser Salad, Khichdi+ Aloo and more.
Call Jantar Mantar on 022 8655344771/5 to place your orders from 3 pm till 3 am.
Time to bid adieu to midnight cravings!
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