Jealous 21 Chic Jeans Sold Out

Jealous 21 Chic Jeans

Brand: Jealous 21
Price: Rs. 1699
Add some oomph to your denim days with these super skinny ankle length jeans! These coloured jeans made of cotton polyester elastane are a staple must for your stylish wardrobe. Sexy with a low waist, these come with 5 pockets for all your essentials. What adds glamour is the crystal encrusted in the front button. Hold them in place with the zipper fastener. Team it up with a crop top and ballerinas. Accessorize with a single trinklet for a hot street look! Did you know: In Genoa, Italian sailors used to wear cotton trousers and the French called the people of Genoa 'Genes' and this is how the word 'jeans' came into existence.

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