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Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair! Is what instantly comes to our mind when we see designer Maiti Shahanis garden of flowers that she calls Flowers For Your Hair. Except, it’s the flowers that she creates and not the ones that grow. And you can wear them on your hair. And look funky. And cool. And retro. And other adjectives that describes the 70s. A graduate from Wigan and Leigh, Maiti wore flowers from the time she was 16 years of age, which eventually became her passion to create designs for others. She says, “I started off with really tiny flows and as I grew older, the flowers grew bigger.” And big they are, from bold butterflies to red roses and a burst of colourful blooms, her Facebook page consists of an album that gives you a peek into her world of flowers. She retails from home, participates in various exhibitions and never gets out of her house without a flower. One can drop her an e-mail for more pictures and designs and other queries on The next time you spot a girl with a big blooming flower on her head, it might just be her or one of her muses.
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