KaiseDiya – A Virtual Supermarket

Your go-to place when it comes to daily bread and butter, the one that has everything you need to run a household, all hail the supermarket. Where would all the groceries come from if that didn’t exist? Or those one-off fancy olive oils and breads. Now, instead of you going there, it will come to you. Mumbai’s youngest online supermarket as they call it, KaiseDiya is a virtual world where you can shop for food items and other products without stepping out of the house.
Buy health and beauty products or choose from food items like biscuits, jams, noodles, cereals, soups and more. You can also select cooking ingredients, dairy and frozen products, beverages, confectionaries like chocolates, candy and gum or even pet and baby products.
They have regular sales so you can get your items on discount but your minimum order amount should be Rs. 500. KaiseDiya delivers for free in Mumbai, anywhere between Dahisar and Lokhandwala from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm every day.
To place orders, call them on 9820632106 or send an email to KDcare@KaiseDiya.com.
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