Kala Ghoda Arts Festival: A Fresh Perspective

In my past four years of stay in Mumbai, there was a lot I’d heard about the annual celebration of all forms of art. But never did I find myself at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival until this year.

So, I randomly chose one evening to check out this crowd puller. I’d somewhat expected the area to be brightly lit but the rest was totally unexpected.

If I was asked to describe the festival, it would be a “riot of colour”. At night, I could spot so much of colour all over the place. Kala Ghoda is such an eclectic mix of art that it might be puzzling for some in the beginning. It definitely involves all sorts of art, including paintings, photography, sculptures, installations among others. It must be noted that most of the art is created out of waste, the most common being plastic bottles.

Either side of the road were filled with exhibits, which included designer stalls selling artistic products, and my eyes caught a beautiful stall selling gorgeous sarees. You can find bags, jewellery and home decor as well. The beauty about this is that on one side you have upcoming designers showcasing their creativity while on the other side there are villagers creating the best of art that is unique and incomparable.

This is just an overall glimpse of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. There were two things that made me realise about the kind of society we live in. I have friends who can’t stand the word Religion, and they have valid reasons to prove their hatred. ‘One’, an installation by Meghna Loke was based on our behaviour towards religion. What’s the point in arguing over God when the love is lost? I liked the thought behind the installation and it was beautifully conceptualised.

The second art that made my skin rough with goosebumps was the Handcart – a symbol of human endeavour. It was a handcart hung vertically and on which there was a painting of a man. At once it reminded me of the farmers suicide. It was an intense work of art.

Amidst all this, there was dance and music too. By the time you tour the area, you are sure to feel hungry. Nothing to worry. Enjoy the best of chaat  as well.

This was my first experience and an unforgettable one. Art is not the central passion of my life, but I can guarantee you that you’re sure to have your jaws dropping every alternate minute. The festival remains a celebration of art in the bygone, present and yet to come years.

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