Kangana Ranaut’s Style Evolution

As she stepped into our celluloid world with her curly hair and a peculiar accent in 2006, she was praised for her acting skills yet criticized for the clothes she wore. Who knew she would become a familiar show stopping face at runways and a style queen? While we have spoken about Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone achingly excessively, the girl with curly hair, Kangana Ranaut’s style is under hyped.

Kangana Ranaut In The Year 2007

Kangana Ranaut

Not a pretty sight? Black unflattering shirt or a super filmy 1990s red sari? Past hurts our eyes.

Warning: For the weak hearts, don’t scroll down. If you must then wear some really good sunglasses, your eyes are gonna burn, if not your heart.

Kangana Ranaut In The Year 2009

Kangana Ranaut

The moment we saw this picture, we got horrifying goosebumps. On the brighter side (brighter than this? ) it only proves that our love for Kangana is unconditional and no matter how yellow or painfully pink she goes, we never gave up on her.

Kangana Ranaut In The Year 2010

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut

Then came the year of Kangana Ranaut trying out ill-fitted dresses and really bad chappals. And unmatched bags. Those were the days when she probably knew she had to change her style but didn’t know how. The damp looking curls didn’t help either. A drenched cat could look more graceful than her if you would ask both to strike a pose.

Kangana Ranaut In The Year 2012

Kangana Ranaut

And then the inevitable happened. It seemed like the transformation of Mia in the movie Princess Diaries from curly haired, unkempt girl to a graceful, womanly princess. Be it her voluminous black dress and a pearl necklace or a Burberry gown, Kangana Ranaut made sure she carried herself with class.

Kangana Ranaut In The Year 2013

Kangana Ranaut

Finally, we feel Kangana found her individual style. Elegance, class and vintage- three words that can define her fashion moments in the year 2013. Voluminous dresses with well-defined waists, structured handbags and pumps predominated her wardrobe last year. Her strands of pearls, hair updo and sunglasses, this girl is inspirational!

Kangana Ranaut In The Year 2014

Kangana Ranaut

Come 2014 and Miss Femme Fatale has already started making stylish appearances be it at the Hello Cup or Gr8 Awards. Infact, she even was on our best dressed list last week. She seems more comfortable and confident in her style now. We love how she chose to go all white at the awards and her Hitchcock heroine look is making us time-travel to a beautiful era we don’t feel like leaving.

Stay tuned to her style and get inspired.

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