Beauty Review: Can Wipes Actually Replace A Product? Team InOnIt Tests Them Out For You

We know you take your beauty seriously, but let’s face it: many of you may be guilty of skipping moisturiser, sunscreen or makeup remover before sleeping. Thanks to your busy schedule and fatigue, you end up ageing your skin prematurely. So why not replace these products with face wipes? Sounds easy and convenient, right? To make things even simpler for you, our girl gang in the office tried out seven different types of face wipes from Kara and gave our unbiased verdict.

Kara Face Wipes Review

1. Tanvi Deshmukh, Merchandising and Writing
Wipes Used: Moisturising Wipes With Honey and Almond
Skin type: Dry
Honey and almond wipes are meant to keep the skin supple and moisturised through the day. Tanvi tried it and said, “It is refreshing and has a really good fragrance, but I’m not sure if I can use it in place of my daily moisturiser. For me, this is just something I use to clean my face while travelling to work and back.”

2.  Namrata Kothari, Co-Founder
Wipes Used: Sunscreen Wipes With Plum and Aloe Vera
Skin type: Combination
This was something that intrigued us as sunscreen is an essential part of every woman’s daily routine. Namrata reviews, “I usually use an SPF40 sunscreen, though these wipes are only SPF20. While they are impressive, I would not want to replace my lotion. I would surely use it in place of sunscreen while travelling long distances or on holiday, though. It is an easy and quick way to get sun protection.”

3. Diana Koli, Graphic Desginer
Wipes Used: Refreshing Face Wipes With Aloe Vera and Mint Oil
Skin type: Oily
Just a quick way to refresh and clean dull skin, these wipes are meant for daily, casual use. However, Diana did not have a great experience with them. This is what she had to say: “The minute I used these wipes, my skin had a mild burning sensation, and in a few minutes I even got a small pimple. I don’t think I would ever use it again.” We believe the strong aloe vera addition in the wipes probably caused the acne, and the mint caused the burning sensation.

4. Janki Patel, Social Media Executive
Wipes Used: Refreshing Face Wipes With Aloe Vera and Cucumber
Skin type: Oily
Unlike Diana, Janki found her set of wipes to be good. She says, “I quite enjoyed the wipes. I use regular wet wipes for my face everyday, and these were definitely more refreshing. They left my skin soft and the fragrance was good as well. I wash my face three times a day and my midday face wash routine can be replaced with these wipes.”

5. Prakruti Jhaveri, Senior Features Writer
Wipes Used: Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes With Jojoba and Avocado
Skin type: Dry
Jojoba and avocado both work wonders for the skin, and we were curious to see what these wipes had to offer. Here’s what Prakruti has to say, “My skin is prone to acne and small zits, so I wanted a product that helped me clean without taking much time. I liked these wipes, but they don’t clean as well as I expected. My skin felt soft and smooth, but I don’t think I can replace my cleanser with them. However, I strongly recommend these during air travel when the skin gets too dry.”

6.  Jasmine Samuel, Graphic Designer
Wipes Used: Toning Wipes With Rose and Thyme
Skin type: Dry
Cleaning dull skin and making it look toned and fresh is what we expected of these wipes. Here’s Jasmine’s take on it: “First of all, I love the fragrance of these wipes. While using it, I felt that my skin was rid of dust and dirt. However, I didn’t get any strong toning effect. I am pretty irregular when it comes to using  a toner, so I guess this would be my pick as it is convenient.”

7. Anushka Patodia, Editor
Wipes Used: Makeup Removal Wipes With Seaweed and Lavender
Skin type: Combination
Sleeping with makeup on is a cardinal beauty sin, so we wanted to see if these wipes were really that good. Anushka says, “I usually feel too lazy to remove makeup at night, so I tried these wipes on my way home from a party and they were really effective on my face. However, I do wish they were a bit stronger to remove eye makeup; I had to rub really hard to get all the mascara out! I would definitely carry these with me to use on my way home after an evening out. Saves me the time and energy to go home and use a makeup remover.”

Have you used Kara or any other facial wipes? Do share your review with us in the comments section.

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