Kipepeo Organises a Nature Trip To The Garo Hills

Kipepeo organises a trip to one of the most densely populated hotspots for biodiversity in India. Their trip to the Garo Hills of Meghalaya will allow you to see rare animals and birds including the Hollock Gibbon, pitcher plants, over 300 species of butterflies and rare birds like Olive Bulbul, Golden-spectacled Warbler, White-bellied Yuhina and Grey-capped Pygmy Woodpecker.

The trip involves trekking in forests, taking walks in the Balkapram National Park and visiting villages during the day, while spending overnights in hotels, forest guesthouses, and tents in community camps and village campsites. The 8 days/ 7 nights trip will let you visit a one-of-its-kind place to find rare flora and fauna species, in comfortable environments with temperatures expected to be between 20 and 10 degrees Celcius.

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