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Kneetoes Heels

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To keep you smiling, through a glimpse of the flower girl tripping over her bow sash, as you look through a misty veil to capture the awe around and finally to see the man who leads you into a mesmerizing forever, you need perfectly elegant footwear. These Kneetoes Heels are crafted with a synthetic white body to complement the purity of your empire dress; the open front allows you to show off prettily decorated toe nails. The hard soles tender comfort for hours of dancing and greeting and you can even cherish a last dance with dad for keepsake. For the confident city belle who likes things all voguish, Kneetoes has delightful options in its collection of footwear, designed skillfully keeping in mind every micro detail and the comfort factor. Footwear Care Clean these sandals with a cloth.

Color White