Food Glossary: Know Your Cheeses

From stinky to fresh and soft to hard, cheese is eaten in different forms around the world. If your definition of cheese lies within the scope of Amul and Brittania, it’s time to give your taste buds something new to test. We give you some of the most delicious cheeses from around the world. The varieties are in the thousands, so let’s stick to the most popular ones, shall we?

1. Mozzarella


Country Of Origin: Italy
We know you’ve tried this fresh ball of shiny cheese. It’s one of the freshest cheeses in the world, made from buffalo milk.
Eat It With: Mozzarella’s most popular use? Pizza! It also works well with pastas and sandwiches.

2. Gouda


Country Of Origin: Holland
If you’re looking for some traditional, historic cheese, then Gouda’s for you. The fruity cheese has a hard texture with a waxy rind. In fact, it’s considered one of the best cheeses in the world.
Eat It With: Fruits and wine, in desserts

3. Feta


Country Of Origin: Greece
A soft crumbly texture and a briny taste makes feta a perfect accompaniment to summer salads. The Greek cheese needs mild accompaniments to balance its saltiness.
Eat It With: Watermelon and black olives—it’s incredible! You can also try it with fruits and nuts.

4. Parmigiano-Reggiano


Country Of Origin: Italy
You probably know Parmesan, but you might not be aware of the Parmigiano-Reggiano. This cheese boasts a signature caramel-like taste. It has a hard texture, so it tastes best when grated.
Eat It With: Soups, salads and pastas

5. Ricotta


Country Of Origin: Italy
Meaning ‘recooked’, ricotta is Italy’s contribution to the soft cheeses of the world. Since it’s made from milk whey, the taste is rich, sweet and creamy.
Eat It With: Salads and pastas

6. Brie


Country Of Origin: France
As popular as Gouda, Brie is often referred to as the queen of cheeses. Its complex flavours and soft texture make it a great dessert cheese.
Eat It With: Crackers, bread or fruit

7. Pecorino


Country Of Origin: Italy
Pecorino tastes much better than it looks. It goes through an intense pressing process, which removes all its moisture and makes it very hard. However, it’s rich flavour works wonders even when grated in small quantities.
Eat It With: Pastas, meats like salami and prosciutto

8. Cheddar


Country Of Origin: England
Cheddar is a deep yellow variety, which is originally dry and tangy. Its most common American replication is rather mild and smooth.
Eat It With: Sandwiches spread with tomato chutney, mustard or jam.

9. Cotija


Country Of Origin: Mexico
Cotija tasted best when sprinkled in small quantities, mainly because of its tangy flavour and coarse texture. It’s available as a grainy variety and as a smooth one.
Eat It With: Soups, salads, refried beans and pasta

10. Cream Cheese

cream cheese


Countries Of Origin: England, France
This white cheese is exactly like its name—creamy. Its soft texture and mild taste makes it work great as a spread.
Eat It With: Crackers, bagels, salads and mashed potatoes. It can serve as a great ingredient when making cheesecakes, too.

11. Emmental


Country Of Origin: Switzerland
Emmental is a signature Swiss cheese with those characteristic holes. Made from cow’s milk, this hard variety of cheese has a sweet, fruity flavour with a hint of acidity.
Eat It With: Grilled sandwiches, fondues (combined with Gruyère cheese)

12. Halloumi


Country Of Origin: Cyprus
A popular rubbery cheese, halloumi’s most unique quality is that it doesn’t melt. In fact, you can even fry it in a pan or pop it on the barbecue to char it on the outside. It has a salty taste.
Eat It With: Salads, meats or even raw, with a drizzle of olive oil

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