You Know You’re Too Old If You Don’t Know The Meaning Of

When a post starts with that title; the premise has been set, your teeth are now clenched, your back is stiff and your eyes want to go straight down to the words. The words that prove the very essence of your being; YOUR AGE.

Don’t worry darling, it’s never too late to learn new things.


We start with a simple one. I’m sure you’ve heard of a selfie before. I’m more than sure you’ve taken one. A selfie is a type of self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone, and is usually taken ina slightly tilted manner.


Obama Rocks A Selfie

But the latest word to hit the internet is Helfie. That’s right, hair selfie, when you take a selfie that focuses on your hair. Because there just isn’t enough crazy in the world.


Oh My God!

Like Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God. Just shorter.


An instagram favourite, OOTD stands for Outfit Of The Day. Popularized by people in the fashion world it’s a very common hashtag to show off the style du jour. It can also mean Offer of the Day.


This one probably has the most misconceptions about it. But let’s clarify them once and for all, it’s FTW: For The Win! Usage: This post rocks. InOnIt FTW!


You Only Live Once, just a more gangsta way of saying Carpe Diem. The term is extremely popular amongst teenagers and is used as an excuse for doing anything stupid. Now you know what to say about getting wasted on those jager bombs at your friend’s wedding: YOLO!




You obviously know the meaning of the word ‘word’. But in popular culture it’s just the shortest possible way of saying you agree with something.


Person 1 – What a cool post.

Person 2: Word.

Saw how that’s done? Also, shameless self promotion FTW.


Ok I’ll be honest. I had no clue what IMO meant until now. It’s In My Opinion. Because people need an abbreviation for even that *rolls eyes* IMO this is a pretty dumb one! And if you want to add a touch of modesty, it’s IMHO – In My Humble Opinion.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock you already know that BFF means Best Friend Forever.

Usage: OMG, she’s only like…my BFF *shrill giggles follow*.


Real Classy


Shut the F*ck Up. Yeah, it’s something we say to people in our heads all day.


F*ck My Life. I can think of many Hindi equivalents for this one but let’s not go there. Made popular by the awesome website with the same name where people go and share their stories and choicest failures.




Rolling on the Floor Laughing.

Pretty self explanatory and so much shorter to convey something that has tickled your insides.


Fear Of Missing Out

The fear you feel that you will miss out on something huge if you don’t do something/participate in an event. FOMO is also used for restless people who constantly check Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter for updates at all possible hours of the day.

Usage: This writer is so glad you suffer from FOMO and have read this post. Now go share!

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