Lady Gaga’s 10 Surprisingly Elegant and Simple Looks

Crazy meat dress, weird space rings gown, green wigs, heavy makeup – all this and more is what Lady Gaga is known for. You possibly can’t imagine her being dainty, feminine and elegant. Well, Gaga is not all colourful and crazy.

Around her birthday time, we show you ten instances where her natural beauty shines out and she looks simple and alluring. Take a look.

1. Princess Diana Inspiration

Remember Princess D’s wedding outfit? Well, Lady Gaga has not only taken inspiration from her life, but also her fashion sense and gone simple.

Lady Gaga

2. Gorgeous Goth

Well, we are not exactly die-hard fans of this leather and lace dress, but we do like it (definitely more than the meat dress). And Gaga can pull this goth look off so effortlessly.

Lady Gaga

3. Ethereal Angel

Lady Gaga and angel are two word we never thought we’d see together. Yet, here she is looking just like one in this lilac embellished gown.

Lady Gaga

4. Classic Vintage

The glasses, monochrome look, sleek hair and natural makeup – we adore the vintage Gaga look.

Lady Gaga

5. Red Carpet Diva

One word that comes to me when we see this image is – sassy. The gown has just the right amount of bling with class. And glasses are so in.

Lady Gaga

6. Pretty Punk

Only the real Gaga can make punk look pretty. We like the accessories - headgear, gloves and shoes.

Lady Gaga

7. Oomph at the Oscars

She looked like a real classy lady at the Oscars when she surprised everyone with this Versace strapless gown.

Lady Gaga

8. Diva

Gaga showed up for the after party for the Oscars looking even more sultry in this cut-out gown.

Lady Gaga

9. Simply White

What do we say about this look? The hair, makeup, structured white dress – Lady, you have nailed this one!

Lady Gaga

10. Casual Barbie

The soft, flowing hair and the bright jumpsuit makes her look like a pretty doll. In fact, we could barely recognize her. But hey, we approve!

Lady Gaga

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