Latest on Shop InOnIt: Cartoon Scarves, Fun Shoes & Printed Tees for Men


Shop InOnIt is constantly updating their products and is full of pleasant surprises.Here’s a look at some of their latest offerings that definitely aroused my interest and are sure to appeal to you as well.

I got to say that this new -T-shirt brand for guys, Bushirt is so much fun. The witty one-liners, graphic prints and bold humour on the tees is something I know that every guy would want to incorporate into their wardrobe. Also, I love the latest additions by the trendy brand, The Purple Sack. The scarves are so quirky and colourful and are definitely a fun way to make a cool style statement.

If ethnic is more your thing, then these glamorous bags from Ananaya will certainly be up your alley. They’re rich in colour and are fashionable as well as functional. I can’t tell you how ecstatic I was to see amazing shoes by Poppuri added to Shop InOnIt. They’re so trendy, bold and fun. I have rarely seen great shoes on E-stores that satisfy my shoe fetish so you can understand my delight when these were just added.

Bushirt, The Purple Sack, Ananaya and Poppuri

Bushirt, The Purple Sack, Ananaya and Poppuri

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