Lazy Girl Beauty Shortcuts You Should Never Take

There are many fantastic beauty shortcuts that help us look gorgeous in no time. However, there are some shortcuts that are too risky to take. Maybe you’re in a hurry to run out of the door or maybe you’re just really laid-back, but here are some beauty shortcuts that are not worth taking no matter what. Avoid these to maintain great hair and beautiful skin, to always look your absolute best.


Using heat directly on the hair
If you’re wondering why your hair is becoming so brittle and dry, one of the biggest reasons could be that you’re not using any products on your hair before heat styling. Not many are aware that it is an absolute must to coat your hair with a serum or mousse before using a hair dryer, iron, rollers, etc. This will protect your hair from damage caused by the heat as well as soften your tresses and make it easier to style.

Popping zits
We all hate those red headed monsters that have a knack of appearing on some of the most important days. We may want to get rid of it in a hurry but if you’re tempted to pop it then you better step away from the mirror. Picking a pimple will not only leave behind a scar, but also spread dirt and bacteria onto your fingers which will get transferred every time you touch your face, leading to a breakout. It’s safer to mask the zit with a concealer.

Using old makeup
You may find it tough letting go of some of your beauty products, but using makeup that’s well past its prime is a big mistake. Many of us still possess makeup that is past its expiration date, using these products can cause bad reactions like rashes and breakouts as well as spread bacteria. Mascaras have the shortest life span as they transfer bacteria back and forth from the tube to your eyes which will lead to eye infections. It’s best to toss them out every 3 months. For the rest of your makeup, replace your stash with new products at least every year to be on the safe side.

Applying makeup on top of makeup
It’s been a hectic day and you’re strapped for time so applying makeup on top of existing makeup when you need a touch up may seem like the quickest option, right? Wrong! Adding foundation on top of foundation can make it appear cakey and cracked. It can look disastrous in a brightly lit room and can also clog up your pores.

Skipping sunscreen
If there’s one thing that should not be skipped in a lazy girl’s beauty regime, it is to use plenty of sun block. No matter what the weather, never step out without using a generous dose of sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. You can even use makeup that contains SPF, as long as you’re not putting yourself at the risk of the sun’s UV rays.

Sleeping with makeup on
Coming home at 3 am after a night of dancing and drinks may have us wanting to crawl into bed, without bothering to scrub our face clean. Big mistake! It may sound like an easy option but it can have some major negative impacts. Spend a few minutes removing whatever you carefully applied before setting out. It won’t take much time and will save yourself from clogged pores, breakouts and eye infections.

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