Learn To Fly Over Gorgeous Mountains With Indus

Always wanted to know how it feels to fly high like a free bird? Get your freedom with Indus Paragliding as they help you achieve your dream. This professional paragliding school has lots to offer to amateur and professional fliers. Start with the Elementary Pilot Paragliding Course of 4 days, which will be your first step towards free flying. The course will cover ground and flight training, theory and examination and will include 10 solo flights. Next in line would be the Club Pilot Paragliding Course, which is basically the advanced level that will teach you to soar flights, deal with instabilities and more. You are qualified to fly on your own after the completion of this course. 
For those who’d rather do it for fun and adventure, the school also has 2-day and 3-day workshops.
Apart from all the learning, you can also fly without actually learning to fly with their Tandem Joyrides. If you are close to Kamshet ghats, head to Indus for a free-flying experience that will leave you exhilarated.  
The Elementary and Club Courses cost Rs. 16,000 each.
To join their paragliding course or know more, mail Indus Paragliding on fly@indusparagliding.in or call Sanjay on 9869083838 or Yogi on 9764036423.
To view their website, click here
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