Learn Wood Sculpting On Your Weekend Getaway

Serenity Villas has ushered in a new initiative called Mahagaon Terra Project which will see 7 artists from different parts of the world, come together and live for 3 weeks to create explosive never seen before art.

Tomasz Domanski from Poland, Urs Tewllmann from Switzerland, Ryszard Litwiniuk from Canada and Myriam du Manoir from France will be the four international artists participating, while Shilpa Joglekar, Prashant Jogdand and Raman Adone will be the Indian artists who will be joining the initiative. The artists will live together in the Serenity Villas complex and exchange ideas and inspirations during the course of their 3 week stay. They will create their own works of art, using naturally available materials like twigs, leaves, branches, stones, soil etc. which will then remain as permanent displays in the villa complex.

The initiative will also see workshops being held on weekends for art lovers, professionals and students to visit the site, see the artists in action and learn and exchange viewpoints. A variety of workshops such as Clay Workshop, Painting Workshop, Wood Sculpting, ‘Found Object’ Sculptures and more will be held for visitors to the villas on a weekend basis.

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