L'elegantae Sequin Sensation Evening Dress Sold Out

L'elegantae Sequin Sensation Evening Dress

Brand: L'Elegantae
Price: Rs. 3500
Add some razzle-dazzle to your into-the-sun set style! This flowy and sensual dress delivers effortless chic with a simple solid color palette. The waistband cinches your frame and flatters your figure, while the dress' skirt adds flare to your look with pleats at the waist. The stunning bodice adds plenty of glam to your evening with sequins, and the feminine round neck makes this dress very easy to slip into (or out off). What's more? This sheer dress comes with an attached innerlay assuring worry-free dancing!! Wear this with heels and a carry a chic clutch for your essentials. Did you know: Dresses and skirts are commonly seen as women's clothing in the West, but in other parts of the world, men wear them as frequently as women do.

Occasion Evening