Lenses Capture The Varied Shades Of India

Whether it is the photograph taken by Steve McCurry of a young lad’s direct gaze or Werner Bischof’s photo of a frail man in rags sleeping on bags of grain, the works are a chronicle of the nation documenting its diverse and complex society. On display at ICIA Gallery from 23rd August, 2012 are the works of 8 photographers at the Magnum Ke Tasveer exhibition.
These 8 photographers including acclaimed Indian photographer and Magnum contributor Raghu Rai, lived and worked in India to capture the diverse civilization of the nation. The exhibition features a selection of Marilyn Silverstone’s portraits of Indian society, Iranian photographer Abbas’s images of pilgrimage and meditation, Bruno Barbey’s coloured  photographs along with Scianna’s black and white photographs of the Indian street life. Also on view are works by Steve McCurry and Olivia Arthur among others.
The exhibition is presented by Magnum and Tasveer in association with Zuari Cement and the works will be on display till 1st September, 2012.
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