Let Your Mum Cook in The Gypsy Kitchen

Your grandma’s secret recipe is slowly being forgotten. The last cookie is left. It shall be eaten too and only crumbs will remain. The secret will be locked forever. 
Unless, you let The Gypsy Kitchen preserve it for you; and give it the appreciation and recognition it deserves. You do want people to taste grandma’s to-die-for dishes, don’t you?
A new food and heritage conservation project, The Gypsy kitchen is launched by restaurateur Riyaz Amlani (of Smoke House Deli, Salt Water Café), in collaboration with chef Gresham Fernandes and The Busride Design Studio. 
The kitchen will create a pop-up restaurant/table/space at surprise locations in Mumbai for housewives to showcase their undying love and passion for cooking, and make a supplementary income out of it too. 
Rich traditions, cooking cultures and home recipes passed on through generations and made lovingly by mothers, grandmas and aunts will be taken and presented to Mumbai-ites in a stylish format. Eventually, they will spread this project across various cities in the country. The chef will work with these women and understand their techniques, and together they will put forth extraordinary meals for the guests. Indian home cooking is incredibly creative, and The Gypsy Kitchen only intends to bring that out in public and let the world know what home-makers already do. 
The kitchen starts operating from 24th May 2013 onwards.
To be a part of this project, or have your mums or aunts cook for these pop-up tables, view their Facebook page here and send them a message with the necessary details. 
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