Let’s Turn Your Conference Room into a Golf Course!


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Golf has been criticised for being a sport which takes up far too much time and space. But in comes miniature golf and changes the entire dynamic of looking at golf. It is no longer seen as purely a sport for competitive purposes. Mini golf allows it to be seen as a form of laying back and relaxing, a casual activity which can be enjoyed by one and all during any time of the day.

After making it big internationally, mini golf has now been introduced in Mumbai under the name of Golf Mania. A Shantara Enterprises initiative, Golf Mania is meant to be an outlet for the busy bees of the city to take a short break from their tedious lives. The key feature of Golf Mania is that they provide portable golf sets which can be set up anywhere you wish to play.

Golf Mania customises according to your needs. With different packages and different sets, you can choose the number of holes you wish to play, the number of coaches you need to assist you, the number of putters and balls you want to hire and whether you want to play with or without obstacles on the course. Golf Mania customises according to events like weddings, parties, charity, branding and corporate. Choose to have your brand associated with the game and you can have your logo emblazoned on the golfing greens, have a team building initiative in the game and you can place your company products as the obstacles in the course or have a wedding party where guests can play mini golf, Golf Mania adjusts to your needs.

With choices in pay packages for both the full size putting greens and the junior set, you can customise the package to include the number of holes, obstacles, coaches, extra putters, themed golf balls, customised carpet etc. Golf Mania sets up permanent installs for holiday homes, hotels, clubs and anywhere else imaginable with a floor to pin down a mini golf set.

For more details or to hire the equipment, contact Pooja Jangla via email on golfmania@shantaraenterprises.com or visit the website here.

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