Liebemode Kolour Me Bright Kimono Hooded Jacket Sold Out

Liebemode Kolour Me Bright Kimono Hooded Jacket

Brand: Liebemode
Price: Rs. 1699
Kick it bright kimono style this season! This soft jacket is perfect for your casual collection. Featuring a hood to 'keep it real, man,' this soft and cozy layer comes with a short button-up placket in the front and 3/4th kimono sleeves. Solid-coloured and oh-so-versatile, you need this jacket! Wear this over your skinny jeans and black tee and boots. Some kimono history: Kimono-sleeves are popular because of their style and ability to complement most body types. The original kimonos from Japan come in several different styles and with several cultural meanings. The Japanese-kimonos is a simple 'T' shape garment with short or long sleeves. Also, for women, the length of the sleeves signified their age and marital status. For unmarried, young girls the sleeves reached all the way to the floor to floor any suitor!

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