Sexy Lingerie for Valentine’s Day

February is one of those months, which whether you like it or not, you begin to associate with hearts, romance and of course, Valentine’s Day. Even if you are one of those who turns their nose up at a day that is dedicated to love (yes, we’ve heard you say, “Everyday is Valentine’s Day”), we think it would do wonders if you make time and indulge in a bit of romance. Well, the best part about lingerie is no matter whether you are single or taken, we’d say it’s a wonderful way to break the monotony. So dress to kill and shop ahead of time for sexy lingerie for Valentine’s Day.

What’s up, Baby Doll?

Victoria's Secret Aqua Glass Baby Doll

Victoria’s Secret Aqua Glass Baby Doll

Let your man skip a beat as you ditch your boring night suit or pyjamas for a baby doll. He will be mesmerized by the peek-a-boo mysteriousness of it and surprised at the same time. Throw in some extra efforts for your spouse/partner and it will be pleasantly reciprocated.

Set with Corset


Intimate Street Balconette Corset Sexy Lingerie

Intimate Street Balconette Corset

Don’t worry about those extra 2 inches on your waist, wear a corset instead. It not only clinches your waist but also enhances your bust for a perfect hourglass look. Go for a balconette corset for that added touch of elegance or a black faux leather one for being the temptress that you are.

Loving him is Red

La Senza Lace Lingerie

La Senza Lace Lingerie

Lace to lingerie is like gold to jewellery. Almost anything with lace on it turns out to look sensuous yet pretty. Get a lacey set in red-the color of love and V-day. You’ll look fiercely sexy to say the least, in a combo like this. Also, it will match with that cute red dress you bought for Valentine’s.

Can you ever go wrong, with Long Line bra + Thongs?

Long Line Bra and Thong Set from Zivame

Long Line Bra and Thong Set from Zivame

A long line bra is like a half-corset extending only till upper waist. When brassiere gets longer, let the knickers go shorter. Pair a long line bra with thongs for an ultra feminine look. Go for pastels or softer prints and get ready for stealing his heart.

Peek-a-boo with Panty Hose

Incomplete without Hosiery

Incomplete without Hosiery

You may think why cove up your legs in hosiery instead of flaunting them. But if you ask men they would vouch for the sensuousness it brings to a woman. Panty hose got popular in the 60s and have remained so intermittently. Go for fishnet if you wish to look sassy or for sheer nylon panty hose for a classic look.

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