Tom Boy, Sex Kitten, Shy Siren – Which one are you?

Lingerie is one of the most personal statements of who you are and how you feel. As a product, it’s created for you and your significant other. Your lingerie must make you feel great about yourself and who you are. With this understood, Monica Anand, the founder of Undercover Lingerie, decided to take up the challenge of matching one’s personality type to the kind of lingerie they should try.

1. Tom Boy

The Tom Boy is unbelievably sexy in her own right. She thinks like a man and likes to wear the pants in the relationship too! She may love jeans on the outside, but will surprise you with a sexy thong on the inside.
For her, we recommend picks from our Fantasy Costume section, a kinky set of panties or a two piece set.

UCLJA0108038520Sassy School Girl: Rs. 1999

2. Sex Kitten

The Sex Kitten loves to feel sexy and is completely unapologetic about her needs or her sexuality. She usually leaves her man’s mouth watering and his mind wanting more. She loves to experiment.
For the Sex Kitten, we recommend our skimpy teddies, sheer baby dolls and sexy fishnet stockings.

Lingerie baby doll for womenStarry Night: Rs. 1699

3. Shy siren

The Shy Siren is demure and sexy in an extremely feminine way. She’s a romantic and loves to set the mood and to be wooed.
For the shy siren, a mix of skin show and bold display is perfect. For her, we strongly recommend our range of lace or satin babydolls and your pick of our corsets or 2 piece sets.

burlesque corset lingerieBurlesque Corset: Rs. 1899

4. Free spirit

The free spirit reminds one of the girls in the 1960s and 70s. She loves life and lets nothing tie her down. Being with her is like a breath of fresh air. She isn’t tied down and won’t tie you down either (no pun intended).
The free spirit would love to wear a fun babydoll or a two piece set that allows her to feel free and sexy while having a blast at the same time.

 Sexy lingerie for women dirty dancer

Dirty Dancer: Rs. 1399

Lingerie that was created for the confident and modern Indian woman, who is comfortable expressing her sensuality!
Under Cover Lingerie is here to provide you a wide range of lingerie that makes you feel special and sexy. Get your hands on them at a Flat 30% Off, only until December 15th, 2013.

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