Those Lips Can Rule The World: 5 Lipstick Commandments You MUST Follow

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never knew of its relatively inexpensive substitute—lipstick. Lipsticks can be your worst enemy or your best friend, depending on how you wear it. While there is no hard and fast rule in applying lipstick to make the lips look perfect and full, you don’t want to end up looking like a clown on a bright sunny morning.

Applying lipstick is an important art for us girls in the subcontinent to learn, because we have a range of lip shapes and skin tones to play with. And, hey, who fancies being caught with lipstick bleeding or stained teeth?! So, without much ado, here are the 5 most important commandments of wearing lipstick for Indian women.

5 Commandments of Wearing Lipstick for Indian Woman

1. Thou Shalt Scrub and Prime
Scrub your lips well to keep them lush and soft, but not on the day when you have to doll up. Do it 24 hours before applying your lipstick with a nice lip scrub. This helps soften lips and holds the colour better. It also prevents your lips from drying and chapping, in the bargain giving you soft and juicy lips. The best way to exfoliate is to rub a teaspoon of honey over the lips in a circular motion, washing it off after a minute or two. You can apply a primer to keep the lipstick on for long, and it acts as a base to begin with.

5 Commandments of Wearing Lipstick for Indian Woman

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2. Thou Shalt Line Them Well
What’s the charm of a lipstick without the line? The right lip lining makes all the difference as it sets the right intentions and doesn’t allow the lipstick to cross. A matching lip liner is a must-have for every woman. In fact, a universal liner should be on every dressing table since it helps draw right above where the lip line culminates. Remember: no long strokes please, shot and small sketches only, to keep the lips lined well.

5 Commandments of Wearing Lipstick for Indian Woman

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3. Thou Shalt Layer Them Well
Never ever forget this commandment! Use one layer evenly across the upper and the lower lip, absorbing excess lip colour with blotting paper in between the process. If you want the lips to appear thicker, repeat the process. Since we Indian women have darker lip tones, layers help—the more the better—especially when using pinks and reds.

5 Commandments of Wearing Lipstick for Indian Woman

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4. Thou Shalt Lock And Gloss
The primer and the liner would keep the lipstick in place, but what about the lasting effect? To make sure it stays long and strong, always use something thick and nice. Apply a bit of baby powder on the makeup brush and gently dab it on the lips, without smudging the lip colour. In doing so, excess lipstick is done away with, thus keeping the lips flawless. Don’t forget to use a small amount of gloss and spread lightly—use your fingertips or a lipstick brush. For desi lips with dark tones, a pigmented gloss adds fun and flair.

5 Commandments of Wearing Lipstick for Indian Woman

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5. Thou Shalt Touch Them Up
If you’re doing the lip line, you will end up making a mess—beware when wearing reds in this case. Have a few gal pals around to blow the whistle should the teeth stain while you eat and drink. Even when your adorable lips kiss a cheek or touch a glass of wine, it would lose colour. Invest in high-quality and reputed brands for lipsticks and you would thank us for that!

5 Commandments of Wearing Lipstick for Indian Woman

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There you have it—the secret commandments of applying lipstick that are sure to brighten up your day.

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