London’s Pizza Metro Pizza In Mumbai

Now you can have a meal from London’s neighbourhood pizza joint in Mumbai. How? A little birdie told us that our very own Shahrukh Khan is one of the people to bring down the famous London pizza restaurant Pizza Metro Pizza to India. We don’t know how far the SRK bit is true, but Pizza Metro Pizza is definitely going to break the monotony of the regular pizza hangouts that exist in the city. Another unique point is that it will be more dining-in-a-restaurant-like and less quick service like the Dominos and Smokin’ Joes. And just like Italian tradition, it won’t have chicken on the list. Instead, beef, pork and seafood toppings will have to suffice to satiate your hunger pangs. The restaurant did not have an official launch but is open to public since 28th November 2012. If we go by their menu in the UK, we hope the Indian one is as extensive as its sister back in London with a choice of pizzas, pastas and salads. 
Sometimes all you really need is a big slice of cheesy pizza, yes?
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