8 Ways to Look Fresh EVERY Single Morning (Really!)

Wake up at the cue of alarm, look like a million bucks and walk with a spring in your step when heading to work. If only this were true for every single day of our lives. You may not be able to pull off a flawless, fashionable look every day, but you can look less like a zombie and more like a lady in your daily chores. Want to know our secret? Read on.

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1. Switch-Off
Here’s the thing—your body reacts to regular light almost the same way it reacts to sunlight. Increased exposure to LED screen lights on your tablets and phone can cause insomnia, increased laziness and even headaches. Keep your mobile away 15 minutes before you sleep. Read a book or simply relax instead.

From one girl to another: If you must work late nights, keeping the brightness of your gadget to a minimum. And before sleeping, relax in the darkness for three to five minutes.

2. Wake Up With a Bang
Working out or going for a run in the morning can prove to be a great energy booster to keep going during the day. This will provide the required oxygen to your body and mind, leaving you with a fresh glow on the face.

From one girl to another: If you’re not a morning person, try this. Take 10 to 15 minutes to stretch all your body parts and do a quick warm-up like spot jogging. You can even try pranayam and other breathing exercises. Ensure that you get professional help before doing any breathing experiments.

3. Icy Shock
Instead of comfortable warm water, try using an ice-cold temperature. No no, we don’t mean for your body, but only your face. It shocks your brain and opens up your droopy eyelids.

From one girl to another: During summer, you can even rinse your hair with cold water for 10-15 seconds. It gives a light bounce to sweaty hair.

4. Citrus Rush
You already know that you should never skip breakfast. But what you didn’t know is that when you pick artificial sugar or white-flour products (such as toast, bagels or doughnuts) for your morning meal, it makes you feel lethargic. Replace them with citrus fruits like oranges—they’re loaded with vitamin C and are great to increase your energy early morning.

From one girl to another: If your diet does not allow you to have fruits, a great idea would be to take a minute to smell the fruit. Sniffing lemons and oranges helps you wake your mind and senses up. You can even replace your face wash or soap with any citrus flavoured product.

5. Say No to Black
Blacks and whites are your staples for almost all weekdays, but try to shake up your wardrobe. On an especially lazy morning, opt for bright colours like canary yellow, fuchsia pink and dazzling blue. They will help you look and feel fresh.

From one girl to another: Ensure that you pick shades that match your skin. For example, if you are cool-toned try blues and purples, and if you are warm-toned opt for reds and browns. Learn more about clothing for your skin tone here.

6. Interesting Illusions
Makeup can turn anyone from ordinary to a goddess, and we know that. Use easy tricks like the winged eyeliner and kajal to make your eyes look larger and more open. A bright lipstick will also add a great touch to your face early morning.

From one girl to another: Feeling exceptionally lazy this morning? Try using kajal and blush on your face. We assure you it will work just right.

7. Bling and Baubles
Don’t skip your accessories for the day. Wear light necklaces or statement stacked bangles and a belt if needed. A quick and easy hairstyle, along with cute hair accessories, will also make you look (and feel) pretty all day.

From one girl to another: If you’re in a rush, grab a pair of earrings and wear them on the way to work. Since earrings are close to your face, they will complement your facial glow.

8. Break It Down
Your work may be driving you insane, but that’s no excuse to not take breaks. Try the 20-20-20 rule. Take a 20-second break after every 20 minutes by looking 20 feet away. This will help you relax and get better sleep at night.

From one girl to another: When taking your 20 seconds off, sip on a bottle of water and keep yourself hydrated. You can add a whole lemon and mint leaves to the bottle to keep you fresh all day.

We’re sure you’re out of excuses to look dull every morning. Do let us know of your own special morning routine.

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