Lazy Girls’ Cheat Sheet For Instant Slimming

Ladies, listen up! This one’s to help your face look slimmer instantly without sweating yourself at the gym. Okay okay, it won’t help reduce your dress size, but it’s a world of illusions and a clever girl should know all the tricks to use that to her advantage.

Here are a few tips that will give you a leaner look:

Tip 1: Use your hair colour and cut to your advantage

Highlights help create a vertical lines, adding a slimming effect to the face (along the lines of wearing vertical stripes vs. horizontal). Also if you have a round face, rather than a short haircut like a bob, grow your hair out and cut it in layers. This layering gives length and is flattering for both your face and body. This suits all types of hair, be it curly, straight or wavy.

look slimmer instantly 1

Tip 2: Accessorize smartly

Wearing long earrings or danglers is probably the fastest and most fuss free way to make your face look slim.

look slimmer instantly wear danglers

Tip 3: Makeup magic

Facial contouring is a slimming make up trick that’s great for everyday use. Just choose a bronzer or a deep blush that is a shade or two shade darker than your complexion. Sweep it upward from under your cheekbone right to the top of your ears and dust it lightly under your chin and jawline.

look slimmer instantly with makeup

Tip 4: Add volume to your hair

To create height at the top of your head, lightly puff up your hair near the crown with the help of backcombing. This not only gives height and fullness at the crown but also gives an illusion of narrower face.

look slimmer instantly bouffant

Tip 5: Mid height pony-tail

Instead of gathering hair at the top of your head, match the ponytail height to the tips of your cheekbones for the best face lift effect.

look slimmer instantly

Tip 6: Side bangs

Side swept bangs create a natural frame around the face but, again the length is the key that makes or breaks the look. Not all bangs can give you the same slimming effect; short bangs make your face appear rounder and wider.

look slimmer instantly BANGS

Tip 7: Experiment with your eye makeup

A winged eye look makes your eyes look elongated due to the stretched lash line in an outward and upward direction. This drives attention to the corner of the eye, enhancing your cheekbones and making you face look slimmer.

look slimmer instantly winged eyeliner

Tip 8: Shape your eyebrows

Use a tweezer and brow pencil. Highlight your brows to give them an arch and a slimmer appearance. Angled brows add volume and give fullness to the upper part of the face, taking the focus away from the jaw area. Don’t overdo it, keep it natural.

look slimmer instantly shaped eyebrows

We hope this cheat sheet helped you look your slimmest and most confident best.

And of course, we must add that nothing beats a healthy diet and exercise.

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