Look Your Best This Monsoon: What To Wear When It Pours

When it’s pouring outside, it somehow always translates to wardrobe crisis. So last night, you laid out the white pants and suede shoes and woke up to the angry rain gods? Don’t scream fashion emergency just yet. Although it’s nightmarish to peer outside the window every morning and hyperventilate over wardrobe decisions, a few dos and don’ts will help you look your best this monsoon and figure out what to wear when it pours.

Look your best this monsoon-What to wear when it rains

What To Wear
Skirts that are knee-length or calf-length with tops in different styles are most wearable during the rains. Remember to keep it cheerful—no one says you have to match your wardrobe with the cloudy sky. Choose tunics and tops in happy colours and bright prints, but keep the bottoms dark. Black, navy, earth brown or printed skirts are safe bets during the rains. If you absolutely have to wear pants, choose cropped skinny or pencil pants over flared styles since there’s a tendency for all that extra fabric to get muck on the hem.

Shorts make perfect sense in the rain. If you’re keeping it casual, choose shorts in bright colours and pair them with tees. If you’re going to a game night or a movie marathon with your college gang, choose slightly longer shorts and team them up with pretty shirts.

monsoon fashionDark bottoms with cheerful tops and bright prints help keep the blues away

monsoon fashionRains are a great excuse to bring out all your cutesy shorts

At Work
Dresses and skirts are great to wear to your office even in the heavy rains. And bosses are a little more forgiving about the dress code during monsoons. However, don’t push it and wear inappropriate clothing to work. Always keep an extra set of clothes and a pair of no-nonsense neutral pumps in the office. If it rains incessantly, wear leggings and sneakers and change in your office later.

DressesDresses and skirts are perfect work wear during heavy rains

What Not To Wear
Avoid white shirts, white dresses and sheer fabrics that can become completely see-through after getting soaked. Ditch maxis and long flowy skirts. Keep the hemlines sensible. Avoid jeans as they will stay damp all day during the rains. Wearing linen and pure cotton may not be the best idea. Wear blended fabrics that dry easily. Light coloured pants are completely avoidable this time of the year.

The Hair
Damp weather does weird stuff to your hair, so make sure you use an anti-frizz hair product. Keep your hair hassle-free and neat. A ponytail or a neat bun will keep your hair securely in place and make sure your hair doesn’t look stringy and limp if you’re caught in the rains. Loose, cascading hair is great for regular days but when it’s pouring cats and dogs, you may want to keep it simple. On special occasions, try an updo or variations of braids.

The Makeup
Raccoon eyes and runny makeup are unforgivable in this day and age of waterproof makeup. A waterproof concealer is a must. Choose waterproof eyeliner and mascara. If your makeup isn’t waterproof, avoid applying any. Avoid too much colour on your face in the form of eye shadow or blush; keep it as close to the natural colour tone as possible. You can, however, choose a nice lip colour. Try blushing pink or plum. Tangerine is the new red. If you’re going to be stuck in the rains, might as well be stuck with popsicle tangerine lips I always say.

The Footwear
Flip-flops are a big no-no for obvious reasons. Also keep those suede shoes, leather loafers and heels at home. Wear sensible wellies and rain shoes. Wellies and gumboots are now available in prints and happy colours. Choose a pair that goes with most of your clothes and you’re sorted. You may have a pre-loved pair of shoes that still makes you happy. If you don’t mind sacrificing them to the rain gods, wear them out this season.

Monsoon Footwear
Wellies from Vero Moda; Rs 2,195 (Also available in mint green and yellow)

Umbrellas are available in adorable prints and colours. Banish your Dad’s dull black umbrella and revolt against the dated floral print. Choose these super-cute ones this rainy season; they’ll instantly lift your mood.


Trendy umbrellas from Indian Circus; Rs 1,149 and The Bombay Store; Rs 625

If you’re okay with printed raincoats and windcheaters, there’s a whole lot of madness to choose from. However, choose neutral colours if you intend to wear them to work.

Rain Mac in bug print from Asos; US$45. Reversible pink rain and wind jacket from rediffshopping; Rs 599

Lastly, whatever you choose to wear, ensure you are comfortable and smile. An infectious smile takes the focus away from limp hair and wet clothes.

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