Ma’s Kitchen: International Tastes, Mother’s Love and Your Office Desk

Every office goer wishes to enjoy a good meal during their one hour lunch break. Ma’s Kitchen is in the business of fulfilling this very same wish by delivering a scrumptious meal right to your office desk.

Choose between Soups and Salads, for a healthy diet, Ghar ka Swad, for the touch of an authentic homemade meal, Fusion Food, for a continental delight or Sandwiches and Shakes for quick finger food comprising a staple of bread and a drink. Allowing you to choose from four different sets, Ma’s Kitchen hopes to stir up a delicious meal that will suit the preferences of any palate.

Ma’s Kitchen aims at providing the hard working bread winner of the family with a nutritious meal, while, all the same, seducing his taste buds into a delicious platter delivered right to his office cubicle. With a promise of freshness, nutrition and taste, Ma’s Kitchen would be able to tempt any palate during the tight schedule of office hour lunch breaks.

We recommend the continental delicates of Fusion Food, especially if you are lucky enough to get a swig of the delicious lasagne, coated in a beautiful combination of sauce and cheese that can be savoured with every bite. The Mushroom salad is another delightful delicacy to tempt the overzealously health conscious into a tasty treat without the guilt of putting on the pounds. At a pricing of Rs. 150 per set, Ma’s Kitchen offers the corporate executive a decent break from a hard day’s work.

- Sean Sequeira

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