The Photoshop Show: 5 Magazine Covers That Have Transformed Your Fave Actresses

All women are beautiful. But the glamour industry can be particularly harsh on our actresses and models, highlighting even slight imperfections and creating a molehill out of it. Is it any wonder that magazine editors and art directors use artificial means (by this we mean Photoshop) to make their cover models look unnaturally perfect? However, the Photoshop frenzy seems to have gone too far, sometimes making the woman look completely and obviously different from how she is in reality. Here are five Photoshopped magazine covers that seem to be the result of an overactive retouching team.

1) Vogue US, November 2013
Cover Model: Kate Winslet

actresses on magazine covers
The naturally beautiful Rose of Titanic was dramatically airbrushed on this Vogue cover, not just by being made to look younger with smooth skin and a wrinkle-free face, but also by completely changing the shape of her face. Kate’s square jaw has been reformed to look delicate, her hair has been given a shiny touch and the mole on her right cheek seems to have been removed completely. We wonder why anyone would make this timeless beauty so plastic.

2) Harper’s Bazaar China, March 2013
Cover Model: Sarah Jessica Parker
actresses on magazine covers
The Sex and the City fashion icon got her face ‘lifted’ on the Harper’s Bazaar cover. Can you see those artificially accentuated sharp cheekbones? Her neck and face don’t detect a single wrinkle and her waist looks as thin as an 18-year-old’s. The digital retouch showing penetrating eyes only adds to the highlighted plastic features. Photoshop has done no good to this stylish woman.

3) CineBlitz, June 2014
Cover Model: Kajol
actresses on magazine covers
When did this black beauty become so white? Kajol’s complexion looked milky on this CineBlitz cover. We think her dusky skin tone and unibrow only add to her charm, but obviously the advertising industry doesn’t agree. A case in point being the Olay ad, which definitely looked more like a fairness cream ad than an ageing one. We love Kajol for what she is and this fake fairness is just fair on her.

4) L’Officiel, January 2012
Cover Model: Sonakshi Sinha
actresses on magazine covers
Sonakshi Sinha may have gotten svelter now, but there is no way the voluptuous beauty was this petite when she shot the L’Officiel cover back in 2012. Her chubby cheeks and meaty arms look nothing of the sort on the cover. Well, Sonakshi, we’d rather see you with a cute and chubby face than look at this Photoshopped version!

5) Vogue India, December 2013
 Cover Model: Katrina Kaif
magazine cover photoshop

This 30-year-old beauty looks like a teenager on the Vogue cover. The womanly curves and pale skin tone have all but disappeared here; spot the difference yourself. We’re not sure we’d want anyone to do away with our curves and make us look so flat, instead.

Do you know of any other magazine cover Photoshop disasters? Share with us in the comments section.

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