Magic Carpets From The Gypsies Caravan

Make your journey through life a little more exciting. Explore, look around, experience new things. For example, if there is an exhibition of exotic products from regions like Kurdistan, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan in Mumbai, then go for it. You can see how different traditions have come together.
Arastan, a retailer of exquisite home décor, has come to Mumbai with the best of artistic traditions from the silk route and will exhibit at Good Earth’s flagship store at Raghuvanshi Mills.
Enter the world of gypsies, where hidden treasures lie in their colourful caravans. You won’t find magic carpets (alas!) but you will find rich hued ones with intricate designs from across the Caucasian region and Kurdistan, embroidered glassware from Azerbaijan and blue ceramic and silk ikat from Uzbekistan, among other exotics like Arastan’s signature tribal cushions and ottomans.
Choose from vintage tribal carpets, wood carvings, embroidered textiles, tribal jewellery, ceramics, ikat cushion covers and lots more.
The price range of these products is between Rs. 2,500 and Rs. 10,00,000.
The exhibition will take place at Good Earth from Monday i.e. 4th March to Wednesday i.e. 13th March 2013.
You can call on 022 24951954 or 022 2495384 for more information.
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