Make It At Home; Malt & Pepper’s Toastie Recipe

If you have been to Malt & Pepper and tasted the Tomato, Basil pesto & Mozzarella Toastie, you must have enjoyed a simple dish that is delicious and terribly easy to create. The chef at Malt & Pepper has shared the recipe for this dish with us so you can enjoy it at home.

Here’s the recipe for the Tomato, Basil pesto & Mozzarella Toastie:


• 2 slices of freshly-cut bread

• Olive oil

• Pesto, for spreading

• 1 ripe tomato

• 75g fresh mozzarella

• Freshly ground black pepper



Preheat a frying or griddle pan on a medium heat or turn your toasted sandwich maker on to heat up

• Lay out your slices of bread and drizzle one side of each slice with a little olive oil

• Flip both pieces of bread over and spread lightly with pesto

Slice your tomato as finely as you can using a serrated knife and lay evenly over one slice of bread (on top of the pesto) so they cover it

• Grate the mozzarella and lay on top of the tomatoes

• Season lightly with pepper

Basil, the main ingredient in this dish is known to have many health benefits. Originally from tropical areas in Asia like Iran and India, this king of herbs has been used by chefs around the world in creating signature dishes. It has numerous health benefits and is good for the heart since it prevents blockage of arteries, it helps relaxation of blood vessels and improves blood circulation. It is a good source of vitamin K, iron, calcium, vitamin A, manganese, magnesium, vitamin C and potassium.


You can use basil in many other simple ways in your daily cooking. Some of them are listed below:

. Sprinkle over garlic bread

. Stir in, fresh or dried, to your favorite soups

. Toss torn basil over a tomato and mozzarella salad

. Add to stir-fried vegetables

. Use in a marinade with garlic and olive oil

. Wrap large leaves around pieces of cheese for appetizers

. Add finely chopped basil to softened butter. Spice it up with minced garlic and parmesan cheese for a true gourmet spread.

. Chop fresh basil and garlic and grind into olive oil to make a deliciously healthy sauce (pistou)

. Place a few whole leaves in a fresh pitcher of iced tea for a refreshing garnish

. Fresh or dried basil leaves are being used in the preparation of soups and dishes

. Chopped fresh basil leaves impart richness to vegetable as well as fruit salads

. Basil herb is one of the main ingredients in ‘pesto’, a green sauce that is added to soups, vegetables, and fish, and to pasta in Mediterranean cooking

. A kind of flavor drink made of Basil seeds is popular in Asian countries


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