Make up Tricks for Fuller Lips

Let’s face it, Angelina Jolie-esque lips are what fantasies are made of. That doesn’t mean we’re all willing to inject countless amounts of collagen for a plumper pout. There are easier ways to make your lips appear bigger that you can do at right at home. We give you a few make up tricks for fuller lips to get a luscious pout that is oh-so-kissable!


Wear Light Shades

A little makeup secret that will come in handy for you is that lighter colours automatically make your lips appear bigger. We all wear dark colours to help us look slimmer, they have the same effect on our lips so it’s best to avoid them while choosing a lipstick. Instead, pick colours like pale pinks and peaches with a satiny finish.

Always Wear Gloss

Shiny lips always appear fuller as they help reflect light. Always be generous with the lipgloss, add some on top of your lipstick or just wear it as it is for some shimmer.

Colour In The Centre

One make up tip to try is to take a nude lip pencil and shade in the centre of your lips just below your cupid’s bow, on both the upper and lower lips. Next, use a blush lip pencil around the edges of your lips and the outer corner. After that, use your index finger to blend in the colour of your nude pencil and finish off with a sheer lipstick or nude gloss.

Step by step full lips

Don’t Forget To Exfoliate

Remove dead skin cells from your lips to make them softer, supple and more juicy looking. You can rub a soft-bristled toothbrush across your pucker to exfoliate it and boost blood flow to the lips to make them fuller and naturally rosy.

A Dash Of White Eyeliner

Believe it or not but a thin line of white eyeliner just along the centre on your cupids bow and below that on the lower lip line can give a 3D like effect to your lips, making them look so lush. Just make sure to blend in the liner with your finger so there isn’t any obvious line to make your lips pop.


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