What Not To Believe: 7 Makeup Myths Debunked

We’ve all got a whole lot of advice from our mothers, friends and magazines about the dos and don’ts of applying makeup. While some of them hold true, there are many that are just age-old myths that have been carried on for ages. What’s to be believed and what’s not? We get you the truth behind some common makeup myths.

Myth: Makeup causes breakouts.

Fact: Have acne? Stop blaming your makeup for it. However, if you follow poor makeup habits which include sleeping with your makeup on, using expired items or not washing your hands and face before applying it, it can cause breakouts. But then, you have only yourself to blame.

Myth: Pump your mascara to get more of it.

pump mascara
Fact: Let’s accept it—we want to use every product till its last drop. This won’t work with mascaras, though. Pumping the wand allows air in which dries the product and also leads to the growth of bacteria. The key to pulling out the wand is to twist and not pump.

Myth: Concealer should be applied before foundation.

Fact: Ideally, you should begin your makeup by applying a thin layer of foundation to even out your skin tone. After that, you can go on to apply concealer on your problem areas.

Myth: Waterproof mascara is a better choice.


Fact: A better choice because it lasts longer? How convenient. No doubt, waterproof mascaras last longer than the regular ones but the question is how recommended are they? Frequent use of waterproof mascaras makes your eyelashes brittle. Only turn to them when you really have to because they are no substitute for the good ol’ regular ones.

Myth: Dark eyeliner highlights dark under-eye circles.

dark eyeliner

Fact: Dark eyeliner or kajal on the bottom lid accentuates dark circles only when it smudges. To avoid that, turn to smudge-free, long-lasting eyeliners and there you go.

Myth: Don’t match your eye shadow to your eye colour.

eye shadow
Fact: Brown eyed girls shouldn’t wear brown eye shadow, they say—but that’s another myth that should be forgotten. Wearing a contrasting eye shadow makes your eyes stand out more, but that’s not to say a subtle brown won’t look good on your eyes.

Myth: Match your foundation to your cheek or wrist.

Fact: We agree it’s a task to find the perfect foundation for your face—after all, you don’t want your face and neck to be of different colours. The perfect place to test it is on your jawline or chin to see how well it matches your neck below it.

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