Make Way for The Wedding Jewellery Planner

Weddings are the epitome of beauty and all things splendid. When it comes to trousseau and wedding shopping, we’ve all seen and experienced the tedious planning process. Here’s introducing the Wedding Jewellery Planner, your solution for getting custom made jewellery that fits in your budget.
A venture started by Dhanraj Minawala, who is a graduate Gemologist from GIA, Lodon, WJP will take care of your jewellery portfolio to the T. They will help a bride plan her jewellery needs and after discussing styles with her, design the pieces. And it’s alright if the bride is confused, they have image references from Bollywood and a catalogue of over 10,000 designs to choose from. All you have to do is give them a call and you can get an appointment at their office or even your own home.
Appart from ornament making, WJP will also refurbish old jewellery and make it look shiny new. Even a vintage piece passed on by your grandmother can be turned into something absolutely new. They will help you with your budget to give you the best value for money.
Their services include planning out jewellery for the entire family at reasonable prices, while consultation is done at no cost.
Wedding Jewellery Planner offers unique services wherein the bride can decide the colour, quality, cut of the jewels that are used in making her wedding jewellery. The bride can choose the jewels are per her budget and wish and the Wedding Jewellery Planner will be encompassed in crafting her dream jewels. Of course, all their jewels are government-hallmark stamped and certified by a reputed lab.
For that perfect piece of exquisiteness, call the Wedding Jewellery Planner on 022 66626993 or 919821074089 or send them an email at
Visit their website here.
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