No Rub Off, Smear Off, Kiss Off: How to Make Your Lipstick Last REALLY Long

Who doesn’t love a perfect red pout? Whether you’re out at night or at work, a lipstick is your best friend. In fact, on bad hair days and Monday mornings it is the saviour that makes you look pretty. But the constant chore of touch-ups from time to time can make it a pain. We show you seven cool tips to make your lipstick last through the night (and day).

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1. Keep Your Lips Healthy
Lipstick looks better and stays longer on lips that are plump and healthy. Dry, chapped lips will only make your lipstick look bad and wipe out faster. Lips are vulnerable to sun and wind damage as they are thinner than your actual skin and Chapstick is the lips’ version of sunscreen. Besides this, you must also exfoliate your lips once a week.

2. Clear Your Pout
While Chapstick and lip balms are ideal to moisturise your lips, they make a bad base for lipstick. Clear any remains of these products before applying your lipstick. In fact, even while retouching your lips, remove any remains of colour and oil from the previous application. A great idea would be to use a tissue or any other paper to blot after the first layer of lipstick and only then apply another one. This allows the excess oils from the first layer to be absorbed.

3. Apply Primer or Foundation
Primer and foundation act as a great base for your face and lips. Yes, applying a tinge of either on your lips makes your pout even and keeps the colour in place for a long time.

4. Pencil It
Ask any makeup expert and they will recommend using a lip pencil before wearing lipstick. A pencil deters leaking of colour from the lips and makes it look like the lipstick is still on, even when it has faded. Opt for a wax-based pencil instead of a cream base, which stays longer. But avoid the cardinal sin of not matching your pencil and lipstick shade. They have to be of the same or a similar hue.

5. Pick The Right Shade
In general, dark and bright hues last longer than nude or light ones. So, unless your outfit or makeup demands it, always go for a bright pout. Shimmer lipsticks last the least due to large particles involved in their composition.

6. Choose The Right Label
We know you’re tempted to buy the affordable option available for lipstick, but if you want it to stay on your lips you need to go for the bigger labels. The composition of a high-quality lipstick ensures that it can be worn for longer hours and does no harm to your lips.

We suggest you try these long-stay lipsticks.

make your lipstick last long

L to R: Lakme Nine To Five Lipstick: Rs 319, Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick: Rs 488, Maybelline Superstay 14hr Non-Stop Lipstick: Rs 549, Colorbar Full Finish Long Wear Lipstick: Rs 725

7. Avoid the Gloss
Love the glossy look? Then prepare to touch-up your lips often. Gloss and external shimmer tend to dissolve the first layer of the lipstick making it lighter much faster, so avoid it as far as possible.

Use these tips to get that gorgeous selfie pout all day and night. Write to us if you have tried these ideas in the comments section.

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