Make Your Own Holi Colours This Spring!


The festival of happiness and colours is here! Holi is back and hopefully, with some b(h)ang. Let’s make this Holi much more personalized, safer and all the more merrier. You can make your own Holi colours to smear across each other’s faces. We at InOnIt tell you how.


A Vivid Green: Green is one of the many colours that is available abundantly in nature. Though, not leaves of all trees are safe enough to make colours for Holi. Drying and crushing the leaves of a Gulmohar tree or the leaves of a wheat plant can yield a brilliant green. Mehendi (henna) powder, in its pure form can also be used for green. But make sure to use henna without water or you will have to walk in to office with an orange face the next morning.


A Dash Of Yellow: Yellow is bright and beautiful. Yellow compliments Holi. Make your own Holi color by mixing two teaspoons of turmeric in four teaspoons of besan flour and save your trip to the beauty parlor. Haldi and besan are extremely good for the skin, they add a natural glow to it and help in preventing pimples. You can substitute besan with talcum powder to obtain a lighter yellow. Don’t use turmeric powder without any mixing or you will look like a jaundice patient waiting to go to the hospital!


A Ravishing Red: Let red be the weapon you unleash this Holi. Mix up a radiant red by drying up a bunch of hibiscus flowers in shade and grinding them. A beautiful red can also be procured from the sweet-smelling red sandalwood (raktachandan). Increase the quantity by adding any flour to it, preferably besan. If you are somebody who would go out of the way to get things done, try making a red hue from the seeds of the Sindura plant to get a lovely sirindoori color. Sing along to ‘Paint it Red’ from Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara and you are good to roll!


A Festive Saffron: Obtain a bold saffron by shade-drying and crushing the Marigold flower petals. Chrysanthemums or carnations can also make for a chirpy orange tone. Mix a generous amount of Fuller’s Earth (multani mitti) to the petal-powder and give yourself some skin rejuvenation while you enjoy the cheeriness and hilarity of Holi. Saffron can also be an effect of mixing the red and yellow colours.


A Beaming Blue: Flowers are making their way into every color-making recipe, so why spare the blue? The Jacaranda flowers, (available with most florists, considering it has quite a peculiar name) also have to be dried in a shadowed place to obtain a royal Blue. Following the same drill as any other color, mix it with flour before using it. The blue hibiscus, much rarely available can also be used to make a blue hue. The leaves and flowers of an indigo plant yield a pleasing blue when boiled in water. Let the blue take over this holi.


Have a happy, colorful and safe holi!


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