Make A Spectacle: Makeup Essentials For Girls Who Wear Glasses

If the old adage is anything to go by, beauty does in fact lie in the eyes of the beholder. Wearing makeup is not the prerogative of women without glasses anymore. Remember the transformation of Ugly Betty? With cute frames to sport, geek is definitely chic this season. Shine on you specsy, and learn about the basic makeup essentials for girls who wear glasses.

makeup essential for girls who wear glasses

Be Neutral
Eye makeup with glasses looks best when minimalism and neutral touches are bestowed on the lids. Bright colours are hidden behind the frames, so shun them whenever possible.

Let Your Bold And Bright Lips Do the Talking
The lips should do the talking more than the eyes drawing the attention. A pop of bright pink or a light shade of violet would do wonders on the lips.

makeup essentials for girls  who wear glasses

Wing It, Thickly!
Your eyeliner should mimic your frames—so wear a thick eyeliner for thick frames and vice-versa. Be sure to complement one with the other—don’t isolate the two!

makeup essentials or women who wear glasses

Blush, Blush
Wouldn’t it feel nice to hear someone compliment your eyes as warm and friendly? Pink blush on the cheeks is the secret for the summer glow—it brings colour to the face as well.

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Shine Your Lower Lids
Your eyes can be magnified by the glasses, so add a little shimmer and shine to the lower lids to attract the right kind of attention.

makeup for girls with glasses

Smoke Up Your Eyes With Double Application
Who said four-eyed beauties cannot have smokey eyes? Double the liner and it will show up, making the eyes pop out, smooth and sexy behind those frames.

makeup for girls with glasses

Smudge Them Up
A smudge liner works magic, especially when used on either the upper or the lower lid. Mesmerise people with those eyes and draw them in.

makeup for girls with glasses

Use The Right Brow Pencil
Depending on the shape of your lenses, the eyebrows can still draw attention. Dress the arch of the eye using the right eyeliner pencil. Don’t forget to shape the brows, too, according to the frame.

makeup for girls with glasses

All The Way Around For Small Eyes
If the frames make the eyes look small, use eyeliner all around the eyes so they can pop out in all their beauty.

Curl Those Babies
Dress those lashes with an eyelash curler and ditch the mascara. The effects would be outstanding, and compliments would pour in as well.

makeup for girls with glasses

Brighten Yourself Under
Highlighter creams or powders would do the trick to brighten up the under-eyes.

makeup for girls with glasses

Applying A Good Base Is Important
Glasses would make it tough for the eyes to grab positive attention, but the complexion of the face would hit the nail on the head. Use a good base foundation, which highlights and complements your skin tone.

makeup for girls with glasses

Rosy Cheekbones
We talked about the importance of highlighting using the right blush, didn’t we? A light foundation or a highlighter will bring the cheekbones into the limelight.

makeup for girls with glasses

So, get ready for the evening and leave those contact lenses behind. Strut with confidence darlings, Prince Charming may just be around to drown in those eyes!

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